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Everyone’s got their thing. Maybe it’s a breakup, a death, an accident. Whatever it is, you used to be one thing, and now you’re something else. We all have our own problems, our own issues, our own… demons. – Eddie Brock


(Sony’s Marvel Universe Production) Venom’s new trailer just dropped and I can’t miss but notice that there just isn’t enough hype around the world as there should be and that’s not good at all as we all recently saw [su_permalink id=”” target=” blank”]Ready Player One[/su_permalink] (possibly one of the best movie of this year) failing overseas mostly because of the poor marketing. In my country most of the people didn’t even know when the movie released or when was it put up in theaters, something similar to this might happen to Venom as to most of us he is just Spider-man’s symbiotic Villain But that’s not true he is actually one of the best anti-heroes there is and has different versions of himself which makes the character even more exciting. With that in mind here’s a detailed article on why you should look out for the movie and whether or not it will be good?

Tom hardy as Venom
Tom hardy as ‘Venom’
    1. Venom’s History

Venom’s character has been re-imagined countless times now but at core he remains the same giant, twisted, horrific version of Spider-Man that he initially was, He is an alien Symbiot of the Klyntar race that seeks to attach themselves to species of another planet in order to feel emotions. I’ve recently read a few of his comics and must say most of the things that this character can do are jaw-dropping but I’ll get to that later right now let’s focus on his Origin.


Venom was introduced when Spider-Man got an alien costume (brought over from a series entitled Secret Wars) that he wore for a time before realizing it was actually alive he rejected the suit as it lashed out and grew a hatred for Spider-Man and merged with a guy named Eddie Brock skipping a few years in the future Marvel saw The fan base of the character growing and decided to give Eddie his own separate series in which they discussed Venom’s home planet and his kind and why the Symbiot attaches himself with certain people only.


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Today Venom has a new host in form of Flash Thompson who uses his power for the good working alongside with the SHIELD and is rumored to soon join Guardian of the Galaxy so if you wanna read his comics this is possibly the best time to start

Spider-man and Venom
Spider man and the Venom
    1. Is Venom ? a Hero or Villain

Till date Venom has no ground on whether he is a hero or a villain, its safe to say he is an anti-hero but his character has been drifting from evil to good and back almost constantly and saying that he is good is nothing more than oversimplification of things as the alien or Symbiot if you go by the comics is Surely evil and it’s, in fact, his host’s like Flash Thompson and Eddie who are somewhat good, it’s a rare sight to see Venom do something heroic on his own and by heroic I mean he once decided not to eat brain’s for breakfast.
For me and many more reader’s the contrasting character of the Symbiot and his host’s along with their relationship is one of the biggest appeals of the story and looking at the trailer I can tell Tom hardy got the contrasting characters part right as he is portraying Eddie as a cocky yet sarcastic character counteracting Venom’s pure evil and so whether by the end of movie Eddie will develop some hatred for spider-man or will be able to control Venom to do some good is still unclear but we saw different colors of symbiot that may be the indicating towards the appearance of Scream, Phage, Agony, and Riot (Symbiot’s created artificially) and thus giving Eddie and Venom a single goal to work together upon.

Carnage,Anti-Venom,Venom and Toxin Symbiot's
    1. Venom’s Host

Venom and his host can have different personalities different ideology but as long as their motivations are same they can form a symbiotic bond and work with each other. Over the year Venom has taken over many superheroes including some bizarre ones so just sit tight to be amazed by the list.

  • Spider-Man
  • Eddie Brock
  • Angelo Fortunato
  • Scorpion Norman Osborn
  • Flash Thompson
  • Ann Weying
  • Patricia Robertson
  • Carol Danvers Captain Marvel
  • Spider-girl May Parker
  • Normie Osborn
  • HULK
  • Deadpool
  • Punisher
  • Wolverine
  • THOR
  • Glactus
  • Black Bolt
  • Captain America
  • Rocket Racoon
We are Venom | Sony
The trailer says it real good – WE ARE VENOM!

And just when you think The list can’t get any weirder just remember that in “OLD MAN LOGAN” Venom took over a T-rex, but even that’s not the most insane host the Symbiot ever had as in one of his story arc’s he took over a dodge challenger car and chased after the villain.



In the end, I’ll encourage you all to go check out the movie in your free time as the character in itself is quite unique. It’s like Deadpool and Hulk merged into one. Tom Hardy is a brilliant actor an I am quite sure will shine as Eddie Brock, in fact, the only problem I see with the movie is the lack of marketing but worry not Sony/Marvel I have a suggestion for you, just give us a crossover movie of Venom and Naagraj. People will rush to the theater’s just don’t cast Tiger Shroff and that will be your key to success here in India, forget Infinity war Naagraj and Venom will be the most ambitious crossover event in the history of cinema.

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Michelle Williams,Jenny Slate, and Riz Ahmed will star alongside Hardy in Venom, which is scheduled for an October 5, 2018 release.

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