The Undertaker

Undertaker, the best big guy?

A bell reverberates with a metallic twang. A domineering figure walks with a pitiless gait and the undulating black coat houses the memory of many befallen souls. The opponents swallow their pride but their eyes disgorge apprehensive adulation.The Undertaker has laid waste to umpteen stars in the ringed platform and his Wrestlemania record is absolutely stupendous.

There have been countless speculations about his return but as of now, the ringed circle is abuzz with Kurt Angle’s latest words of extolment for Brawn Strowman. During a recent interview Kurt said :

“Braun is one of a kind. I actually told Braun this last week. If he stays healthy, he can be up there eventually, in years’ time, with Undertaker as one of the best big men in the business. You have to remember that this guy wasn’t an athlete-athlete. He was a Strongman competitor. It’s hard to believe that he’s as athletic and has the psychology like I’ve never seen a big man have since Undertaker. I give him a lot of credit for being able to pick up the business so quickly.”

While much of it is true, The Undertaker has been mentioned as the best big guy the company has ever seen and that poses a question – Is the comparison between The Undertaker and Braun actually fair? Although that might not be Kurt’s intention but just how good was The Undertaker? How would Braun fare against him?

Undertaker’s agility

It is not every day that you see a 300 pound 6’10 guy impeccably balance himself on the top rope. According to some sources, the fact that The Undertaker could accomplish such an unprecedented feat made quite an impression on Vince McMahon and also saw to the creation of The Dead Man.

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But this isn’t the only move that the Phenom packs, his jump at Wrestlemania left many gaping in disbelief :

This is just one out of many!

Undertaker’s versatility

undertaker hell's gate

With a career span of almost 25 years, The Undertaker has faced opponents of all sizes and shown time and again that he can work with any of them. Whether it is facing the Giant or someone as small as Rey Mysterio, he can pounce, strike and wrestle. His lean yet strong physique enabled him to deliver a Last Ride to Mark Henry as well as grapple with Kurt if need be.

The list isn’t exhaustive and it sure isn’t over just yet. But with all that we know, we can say that Taker’s repertoire seems to be far more expansive than Braun’s. Braun seems to be overpowered but his ability to wrestle stands on slippery grounds, as do his mic skills.

So what do you think? Can Brawn be the future of the company? Do let us know in the comment section below and do not forget to click on the bell icon for notifications.

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