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Seventh Infinity Stone | Avengers, MCU

Seventh Infinity Stones sounds like a fan theory if you only watch the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies and do not follow the comics. You will be surprised to know that there are in fact Nine Infinity Stones but two of them only appeared in Marvel Games so they don’t really count but a Seventh Infinity Stone appeared in the official comics and poses a greater threat to the multiverse than the six combined therefore, it deserves as much fame as the other six. So with that said here’s all you need to know about the MCU’s Seventh Infinity Stone.

Avengers Infinity war

Marvel started building up their Cinematic Universe in 2008 with the introduction of Robert Downey Jr. as the Ironman (2008). The film made pathway for future motion pictures like Ragnarok and Black Panther being the most recent out of many that previously came.

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The first two Infinity Stones were shown in Captain America (2011) & the Avengers (2012) as we saw Thanos giving Loki a scepter that allowed him to control people’s mind. It was not revealed at that time that the scepter homed an Infinity Stone called Mind Stone, same goes for the Space stone which we saw inside the Tesseract. But today we know where all the other stones are and what they do (for spoiler’s sake let’s not talk about the soul stone). The Power Stone was entrusted to the Novacorp by the Guardians of Galaxy, Reality Stone rests in collector’s collection, Time Stone is in cased in the Eye of Agamotto and is currently in possession of Dr. Stephen Strange, Space Stone most probably was stolen by Loki during Ragnarok and finally The Mind Stone……… well, let’s just say you’re not worthy enough for this article if you don’t already know where it is.


Now you must be thinking “but Utkarsh in the gauntlet there’s space for only six so what’s the point in the seventh one?” Well there isn’t because when the Seventh Infinity Stone is combined with the rest six it doesn’t creates a weapon rather it creates a living being or to be exact a cosmic entity.

Before the creation of the multiverse there was only a single cosmic being and her name was Nemisis, bored and tired by the loneliness she felt in the endless space she created the nine realms and divided her power into seven stones that are the infamous Infinity Stones:

  • Space
  • Time
  • Reality
  • Soul
  • Mind
  • Power

And finally The Seventh Infinity Stone: EGO STONE.

Seventh Infinity Stone
Nemesis and the 7 infinity stones

Ego Stone on its own is not a threat at all as it only contains Nemesis consciousness but when it is combined with the other six Nemesis consciousness wakes up and she follows the commands of whoever woke her up, Nemesis is stronger than Thanos, in fact she is stronger than Galactus and Superman the only problem is she can not decide on her own whether she should create or destroy and so she follows the command of her summoner

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Infinity War is in theaters and Captain Marvel along with Venom and Inhumans are already in making. So expect a lot new faces and story line to come up but as it currently stands the Ego Stone will not be featuring in any MCU movie as the character of Nemesis is owned by both Malibu and Marvel Comics and hence, is surrounded by copyright issues but if it ever makes its way into the movies the Avengers would have to assemble a more formidable team than ever. Maybe they should call me like Deadpool called Peter.

Peter from Deadpool 2


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