Orochimaru has been forgiven?

Will Orochimaru and Kabuto ever pay for their sins? Orochimaru has for long remained an international criminal and was also responsible for deposing off the Fourth Kazekage. Not to mention, he tried his hands on the Third Hokage and killed him. His affiliations with the Akatsuki were all too well known and he certainly made it to Bingo book. So was he forgiven after all?

This has actually been very well mentioned in Naruto Shippuden 486 where Sasuke talks to Orochimaru in this regard.

Let me just quote what Orochimaru said :

“ Even Kabuto, one of the war criminals of the fourth great ninja war is now a director of an orphanage.

You ( Sasuke ), I ( Orochimaruand Kabuto could just be insurance in case something happens that cannot be countered with common sense.

In every era, a maverick appears. If it does, there may be a need for people like us who possess powers considered to be inhuman.

There are things that cannot be protected with righteousness alone. In that case, keeping us like pets might be beneficial. 

We cannot say with certainty what type of punishment was deemed necessary and shelled out to thesemaybe they were captured and incarcerated for a while, but for the later part of Shippuden, Kabuto looks after an orphanage and Orochimaru has Yamato at his tail.

Yamato guarding Orochimaru

Well, it suffices to say that Orochimaru is actually a very important asset, he is not a war machine but his expertise in experimentation is almost beyond compare, two of his remarkable achievements that were quite astounding :

  • He found a way out of Minato’s dead demon consuming seal, Minato himself was quite shocked as it was deemed impossible.
Orochimaru intelligence
  • He enhanced the reanimation technique, the one developed by Tobirama. To improve upon a technique developed by someone who basically developed all institutions of Konoha, the shadow clone, Edo Tensei, among countless other Jutsus, is an astonishing feat.
Orochimaru reanimation
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Not just that he explored the technique beyond what was intended, increasing its precision to the extent that it was viable to have the corpses fight.

They were no longer like dead zombies being pulled by strings but rather just suppressed individuals who could use their most lethal techniques.

Orochimaru’s Knowledge quest

Out of the three Sannins, two at least, Orochimaru and Jiraiya, were pretty adept at gathering information, mainly confidential at that.

They traveled the entire world, making important contacts in the world that could not be controlled by the main seat of powers, that is the five nations.

Think of how Jiraiya infiltrated Amagakure, the village of Nagato.

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Jiraiya infiltrating

Orochimaru was just as good as Jiraiya, if not better, he had important contacts throughout the world.

In a related episode (a filler), Orochimaru provides necessary information about En Oyashiro, a Kekkai Genkai collector. Orochimaru also helps lure him out by plotting a bait. It was only with his help that the matter about exploding humans[1] was solved.

No matter how powerful Naruto and Sasuke get, there are certain matters that cannot be solved with power and for that, people like Orochimaru need to be kept around.

Besides, it is not like he is completely free :

If you have watched these fillers, I bet you would find this hilarious.

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