How strong is Naruto without the ninetails?

Much like how the first Hokage deploys his wood-style and Sasuke deftly uses his darting glances, Naruto inheres the Ninetails in spite of his earlier fallout with his tailed chakra pal. So how powerful would he be without the Ninetails?

If you strip Naruto of Ninetails it would be a matter of consequence, but not nearly as much as you believe.

The important distinction here is that he still has his six paths chakra.

Allow me to draw excerpts :

Madara barely escaped after he was brought down with a Sage art Rasenshuriken.

This is all without Ninetails chakra, I should remind you.

Naruto’s six paths chakra gave a massive fillip to his chakra reserves, ninjutsu abilities and his taijutsu abilities.

Before his six paths chakra, Naruto could barely catch up even with a blind Madara in taijutsu.

Madara vs Naruto without ninetails

This is Naruto charging with Sai only to get catapulted into the air.

Later on, with his six paths chakra, he goes on to fight six paths Madara pretty evenly in hand to hand combat. So obviously his power had increased many folds.

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But then how much would Ninetails chakra matter?

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The answer is that it does matter.

The Kyuubi chakra towards the last arc was basically as intrinsic to Naruto as Sharingan is to Sasuke. It is unfair to take it away from him and then judge his strength.

He has deployed Kyuubi’s chakra remarkably :

  • Instead of countervailing the opponent’s Jutsu, Naruto would just blast it off with Kyuubi’s chakra.

Ninetails Chakra

This is Naruto blasting off a very high-level fire technique used by Obito.

  • Sometimes the chakra just comes in handy and turns out to be a lifesaver
  • Naruto used this to escape the technique Obito used with his father’s flying Raijin.
  • It helped him a lot in his final battle with Sasuke.

So the thing is that he learned to use it (chakra of Ninetails) in countless many ways, much like Sasuke uses Sharingan.

And beyond all, Kurama is a valuable companion :

  • Kurama helped him with an incredulous amount of natural energy and allowed him to constantly draw from his chakra reserves.
  • Not just that, Kurama can offer him, counsel, just like eight tails offers it to Bee. Kurama has done that on countless occasions. Kurama is very old and very experienced.
  • Kurama can also come in handy in case Naruto gets trapped in a Genjutsu (not that it is likely).
  • Kurama’s chakra has throughout the series shown some remarkable healing ability, and Naruto has profited a lot from it. Even Jiraiya was surprised by its effects.
  • Even before he had befriended Kurama, the Ninetails chakra has proven to be the last resort :
    • Against Haku when Sasuke was critically injured.
    • Once against the reanimated Madara when he used deep forest emergence.
    • Against Neji in the Chunin exams when his chakra points were blocked.

So the point is Kurama is very important to Naruto but if you think that Naruto cannot make it on his own, then you are sadly mistaken.

A very consequential clue can be that Naruto can handle so much natural energy, the energy that is so humongous in a quantity that the surroundings barely had any more to give.

I agree “he gets it handed over to him”, but controlling such power is beyond your average shinobi, even beyond your average Kages.

The same argument goes when you say that he is just gifted with Kurama’s chakra. It is damn tough to control it.

Just the Kurama mode got a lot of surprise from Sasuke because it is difficult to control this much chakra.

Naruto is pretty strong, even without Kurama.

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