Naruto angry
Naruto Angry

Scariest thing about Naruto

Naruto as a series has always managed to keep the fans engaged and at the edge of their seats. And the heroic character – Naruto has always been a fan favorite but he isn’t the complete package now, is he? So what is the scariest thing about your favorite character? Read on.

There is this one thing that has always been repelling about him and it is his proclivity to jump into a mess he cannot make his way out of.

Call it his overzealous personality or just plain stupidity, but I personally think that if you let your emotions get the best if you, then you cannot last for long.

Let me draw excerpts for you :

  • This is him jumping to his heels, bloodthirsty for vengeance, against Sasori and Deidara.

Naruto Charging 

Naruto stubborn

Had it not been for Kakashi’s intervention, he could have been seriously injured or even killed.

Blind obedience to authority and orders never suffices but charging in a fit of rage is equally revolting. This is him charging without strategy :

Stubborn Naruto

Not just that, he won’t just stop at that, he chased Deidara all the way, which was a very big mistake, by Kakashi’s own admission. See, it made him a very soft target, far too easy to fool. He just waltzed into Deidara’s trap.

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There are more than one instances.

  • He was stupid enough to think of chasing Itachi and Kisame when he was just a Gennin :
Stubborn Naruto

He definitely would have chased after they had it not been for Jiraiya.

It is not like I am against his making of promises and then keeping his word for them, that actually forms a very integral part of the series, but what I dislike is that many a time he is just beyond reason.

This to a limited extent also meant taking matters entirely in his own hands quite like he tried to stop the reanimation all by himself. Call it what you will, but I’ll say that many a time he was just blindly idealistic to the point of disbelief.

You shouldn’t pin everything on the illusion of idealism, so much so that the reality should blur like a distant mirage beyond reach.

It was the same disconnect that Hiruzen bore with the reality that allowed Danzo to take care of the darkness of the village.

Third Hokage optimism

We all know how that panned out.

So I’d say that the scariest thing most likely was his blind idealism and the fact that he was very submissive to his emotions, he always gave in.

More often than not he wasn’t rational enough and was more of an emotional fool.

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