The 6 Paths of Pain

‘Naruto’ Peace through Pain: Nagato Story Arc [SPOILER] | Pain versus Naruto Philosophy

Pain is probably the most well written character in the entire Naruto franchise. His goal is same as that of Naruto’s that is to bring peace in the Shinobi world yet their philosophy’s and the way in which they seek to attain peace is completely different.

The fact becomes more clear when the two discuss their versions of justice and what should be  done in order to deliver true justice when Pain attacked Konoha.



We all can easily understand what goes through Naruto’s mind as we have been following him since he was a child and it is clear that he is the protagonist, a simple soul who wants to protect everyone. But Pain’s character is a bit complex as unlike Naruto he embraced his inner demons rather than getting rid of it. “Utilitarian” is a theory given by Jeremy Bentham and Pain’s philosophy for peace works on this theory as it says that “it’s completely OK if the pain suffered by a few souls today result’s in a better tomorrow for everyone”. But in order to completely understand Pain’s mindset we must first know how a common boy from the small village of rain became PAIN.

Naruto vs Pain
Naruto vs Pain | contrasting Philosophies

Nagato (Pain) got his Rinnegan implanted in him from Madara Uchiha when he was a child, During the 2nd Ninja war two Shinobi’s from the hidden leaf (Naruto’s village) killed his parents in front of his eyes. He escaped and came across two orphans like him “Konan” and “Yohiko”, soon the three became friends and trained under Jiraya for a brief period of time. When they came of age the trio decided to take matters of war in their own hands and formed a cult named Akatsuki working hand in hand with Hanzo (The Salamandar) who later on conspired with Danzo and his Anbu corp of the hidden leaf to trick Yahiko into taking his own life. It was only then that Nagato realized that trying to achieve piece through friendship and unity was naive (Naruto’s Philosophy), and hence the 6 path’s of Pain were born along with the re-formation of the infamous Akatsuki.

Naruto's Philosophy | Akatsuki
The Infamous AKATSUKI

Pain’s master plan was to unleash the “Tailed Beast’s” on every village there was and so once every village has seen destruction, loss and everyone has felt the same pain they will seize to fight each other and live in harmony just like Nagato, Yahiko and Konan.

Nagato as a character acted in such a calm, experienced yet cold manner that his theory becomes believable, he has devastating jutsus in his arsenal like “Samsara of Heavenly Life”, “Planetary devastation” and ” The Almighty Push”.

Nagato controlling Yohiko in Naruto vs Pain
Nagato controlling Yohiko’s body through 6 paths of Sage Technique

Now I would like to ask you was Pain truly a villain and whose philosophy do you think would work better in the real life? At last we can say that the Pain saga teaches us a very important lesson which the higher powers of our society must learn from  i.e., “No greater good can be achieved from war as war brings no peace only creates more war’s”.

Konan, Nagato and Yohiko in Naruto vs Pain
Konan, Nagato and Yohiko

Sometimes you must hurt in order to know, fall in order to grow, lose in order to gain, because life’s greatest lessons are learnt through pain. -Nagato


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