Latest YouTube update

Latest YouTube update: Now you can talk with your friends from YouTube

Sharing YouTube videos with your friends is an old story now. Google wants you to do so much more while you are on YouTube. The latest update offers a native in-app messaging feature meaning you do not have to leave YouTube to interact with your friends.

Just like Instagram, YouTube has tried to pull off a direct message feature. If you happen to like a video and would want your friends to watch it as well, you can now do it directly. For those who are not listed as your contacts, you can send an invite link to connect with them.

The new YouTube conversations have a threaded interface which is the general norm followed by almost all the messaging apps. The differentiating factor is the fact that you can send your friends YouTube videos along with the usual chats. The conversations could be either one-on-one or they may involve multiple persons at the same time as well.

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There is, however, a limitation in the conversations. You can send emojis, text, and videos. There is no provision to send images which is pretty much understandable.

To react to a video that your friend has shared, you can send hearts. We can just hope that the subsequent updates would provide us with more features as well.

Furthermore, Google is apparently trying a lot to make its YouTube app as amazing as it can. Recently it was announced that a future update which will allow the videos to fill up any device’s screen is already on its way. This is one intelligent step considering the new aspect ratios which are being introduced owing to the bezel-lezz screen trend of 2017.

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