Itachi’s moral dilemma

The series Naruto has some very riveting clashes but a fascinating thing about it is the deeply philosophical dimension of the series. And the most interesting to me is Itachi’s moral dilemma in the background of strained political drama.

Two choices, juxtaposed against one another, both almost equally revolting :

Itachi’s two choices


To know more about his choice and his feelings towards the village, look into the development of the village. Hashirama was willing to sacrifice all for this; Tobirama, who basically created all institutions remarked – the village is all important.

Surprisingly, one of the very few, Itachi inherited those notions and was wise enough to acknowledge that the effective functioning of the village as a whole was more important than his clan. He saw the bigger picture.

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To me, it is thus trivial to think that he chose village over clan but rather he chose the greater good. After all, Obito said – the chances of another war breaking out were almost certain, had Uchiha revolted. Short snippet here.

His father favored his clan overwhelmingly over the village. He did have grave misgivings about his clan’s priority and he found it deeply disconcerting and maintained a semblance of deep hatred.

Did he have mixed feelings about his clan?

Yes and no.

Did that affect his decision for the greater good?


Did he hold Uchiha in high regard?

Yes, he insisted on protecting the name, urging Naruto to keep the secret.

So I guess we can say that he had a deep love for his clan and at the same time he had an aversion to the “clan all-important notion” for he believed that it would plague the village with serious consequences.

So yes he had mixed feelings.

On the other hand, though he was not a staunch supporter of Uchiha, did he bear any malice in his heart for his clan?

No, he had a clear stand and wasn’t ambivalent.

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Say what you will, the creator has done an impeccable job painting the political strife and its spectacle, Itachi, leaves not much to be desired.

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