Importance of Video Messages in Online Marketing

By 2019, videos will help bring around 80% of consumer traffic to websites. This implies that businesses who give importance to including video messages will be a lot ahead in the race.

Videos are not new, they have been out there for years and got a boost when services like YouTube hit the market. You can upload videos on YouTube and share with the world without any trouble.

There was a time when businesses were afraid of including videos in their content due to the cost. The main trouble was bandwidth, but now with services available, there are no issues in uploading and sharing videos.

As per Business Insider, video ads on mobile help to bring 5 times more traffic since the use of smartphones is on the rise. The scenario is not very different in case of desktops either as many people view videos on desktop and laptop computers as well.

Videos are everywhere; including videos in email marketing campaign results in 200% to 300% increase in CTR. You should also learn to send video message via Linkedin as it can also give you great results.

importance of YouTube in online marketing

Last but not the least, websites that have embedded videos experience a spike in conversion rates by 80%.

In fact, about 90% customers have stated that videos help them make a purchasing decision.

All these numbers point towards the fact that videos have become an important part of online marketing as it is becoming an asset to businesses.

Here are more reasons as to why you should include video messages in online marketing:

Doesn’t Sound Salesy

importance of YouTube in online marketing

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One of the biggest reasons that a marketing strategy may fail is because it may sound too salesy. Customers hate it when a business is striving too hard to sell a product. The trick lies in making it look natural and video messages can help with that.

A video message serves more as a story rather than a sale. This requires a lot of research but the research pays off in the end.

When you know what’s in high demand, make a short video on the topic and you can add a small call to action button around somewhere to divert viewers to your website. However, this needs the video message to be emotive and powerful so that it forces the viewer to learn more and switch to your website.

Hook Customer’s Attention

Online marketing is all about attracting attention of customers no matter the means of marketing. There are so many businesses competing against one another, which is why the competition is tough. If you need to outdo your competition, you need to do what they aren’t doing, and videos can be a good option to start.

You can learn the art of driving the customers attention with the help of curiosity building video messages.

A Fun Way To Do Marketing

There sure are a plethora of ways to market a business but it is of vital importance to make them effective. To make your online marketing strategies successful, they need to be fun and engaging. Long pieces of content may not help you achieve that but a small video message sure can.

When you’re making a video, the sky’s the limit. You are only limited by your own creativity. For example, you can make a small video to highlight domestic abuse, while promoting your services if you are a domestic abuse lawyer.

Your audience will watch the video for entertainment but will go home with a message while also remembering to call you in case they need such help.

The Verdict

Video messages used in online marketing boost results and help you drive more customers. All you need to do is be creative and include a powerful message in your video so that it attracts attention.

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