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The Fastest Shinobi

Naruto is a fascinating series and the sheer range of techniques make you wondrously gasp in disbelief. It has its fair share of fast Shinobis and even an average Chunnin can be as fast as the speed of sound. Is Guy the fastest Shinobi ever? If not, who is?

We have things like flying Raijin, Reanimation technique, instant travel through dimensions across marked locations :

 Tobirama thunder slash

We also have Sasuke’s Rinnegan that can change the position of things in his vicinity (and thus also himself), this too is instantaneous. So who is the fastest Shinobi of all time? Let us dig in.

So what we know here is that teleportation is different, raw speed is different, and sometimes, rather mostly battle speed (like moving arms in close combat) is different.

From all we know, we at stufflistings consider Might Guy as the best contender for the fastest shinobi ever.

Guy Eight Gates

Might Guy eight gates

The most consequential clue resides in his fight with Madara. We have posted a video in case you wanna relive it.

Consider the number of times Madara was caught off guard.


[su_note note_color=”#F7F9F9″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”0″]

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It all started with this 2nd step of his Sekizo, he made a half revolution and Madara couldn’t flinch, and after that it was he landed many air punches successfully. And here we have the same Madara who was easily able to keep up with Naruto and Sasuke and chopped off Minato‘s arm.

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You know why he was able to use techniques like this?

 madara gale style

Because he had time, the same reason he couldn’t or didn’t use limbo against Guy, Guy never gave him any space to actIf you don’t agree with me, watch the fight Madara Vs Guy again and decide for yourself.

The fight involved :

  • A direct air blow punch.
  • A Sekizo barrier Madara failed to keep up with.
  • Night Guy that bent space.

From his air punches, we can conclude that his battle speed and reflexes were too fast, let us not forget the damage he did with Night Guy, which is in all honesty just a physical attack :

Madara defeated by Guy

If his physical attacks were this powerful, obviously he kicked and punched very fast, his Battle speed was thus unparalleled.

Not to mention that he was bending space, something that we have never seen in the series and we know what it implies – Relativistic speeds!

Guy Bending Space

 Guy bending space

The most important clue for me is how helpless Madara was for the entirety of the battle, with no time to act.

All that he had was physical attacks to count on and most likely he was the fastest.

So what do you think? Dp let us know in the comment section below and do not forget to click on the bell icon for notifications.

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