Five Kages

Five Kages Vs Naruto

The perfect Susano of Madara left quite an impact on the fans and one must wonder how the Five Kages would fare against someone as good as Naruto. If we are talking about the previous Kages (the ones that Madara faced), then they are pretty much easy targets :

Five Kages Vs Naruto

Tsuchikage – Onoki :

Naruto won’t even have to resort to any high-level ninjutsu, he’ll just have to use this and Tsuchikage will be bleeding profusely from his nose :

Sexy Jutsu

This is a powerful technique and it works great against powerful opponents and Onoki seemed to be the most powerful of the lot ( remember the fight against Madara). See, even a young Konohamaru would do the trick (ok, we are not joking).

Mizukage – Mei :

Easy peasy, this should suffice and this time I am not even kidding.

Sexy Jutsu

Mei doesn’t stand a cat in a hell’s chance of making it through.

On a much serious note though, let me help you understand the difference (enormous) in their powers. Just take an example.

Fourth Raikage :

His most vital attribute was his speed and he used it to his advantage on all occasions, but long before Naruto achieved his final form, this is what happened :

Fourth Raikage Vs Naruto

He got completely outmaneuvered. For video – click here.

The truth is Naruto was fighting on par with the Kages even before his advanced Kyubi mode, in this mode :

Naruto ninetail mode

There are several reasons to believe this :

  • He landed a lethal blow on second Tsuchikage.
  • He outmaneuvered 3rd Raikage in this mode.(Actually, he used sage mode)
  • His sage mode was more powerful than Jiraiya and so we can say that he has his odds against Tsunade as well.
  • The one that I just mentioned – he outmaneuvered 4th Raikage.

After that Naruto befriended Kurama and thus got massive chakra reserves. Not that he isn’t as powerful without it.

 naruto kurama mode

As if this was not enough, he received sage of six paths chakra as well and after that, he was in a class of his own, though his range of techniques was still limited.

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 naruto tailed beast rasenshuriken bomb

Just one such shuriken was capable of smashing a meteorite to dirt.

When Naruto fought his final battle against Sasuke his power was almost unprecedented and his sage mode was better than Hashirama’s.

If reanimated Madara could smash the five Kages to dirt, then I can say with conviction they would have it worse against Naruto, far far worse.

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