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The List of The Best SEO Tools You Can Make Use of in 2018

SEO is a topic which can never bore me. Without organic traffic, a website will always remain outnumbered and dwarfed in this big galaxy of the internet.

In this post, I would guide you with the best SEO tools which you can make use of to analyze the SEO of your website.

In case you want to know more, feel free to follow my previous articles. I am providing a long list of the topics I have already covered in the table below:

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Coming back to this post, here I would be guiding you through a list of some amazing SEO tools, some paid and some free, which would take your SEO to an all-new level. So, without waiting anymore, let’s get started with the list.

The list of the best SEO tools to analyze your website

#1: Check my links (Free)

check my links seo tool for websites
After using this tool for Stuff Listings, I was able to track 51 broken links within a span of a week

Links play a very crucial role in this SEO game. Both the internal as well as the external links matter a lot. To know the importance of links, you can follow this post of mine.

Check my links is a free tool which is available as a chrome extension.

‘Check My Links’ is an extension developed primarily for web designers, developers and content editors.

When you’re editing a web page that has lots of links, wouldn’t it be handy to be able to quickly check that all the links on the page are working ok? That’s where ‘Check My Links’ comes in.

Using Check my links, you can easily find out broken links on your website and make the necessary changes as Google never likes websites with broken links.

#2: Moz Pro Tools ($99/month – $599/month)

moz pro tools for seo
Though costly, Moz tools are one of the best SEO tools out there

Moz is one of the most renowned names in the SEO world. Though the costs of using this tool are ultra-high so to say, the results are absolutely astonishing. You can always give it a trial at the very least which is free of cost.

You can track your website rankings using the tool and even check your competition’s rankings as well. With the Moz keyword analyzing tool, finding the best keywords for your website becomes as easy as it can get. You can find link opportunities and a lot of growth potential lies within.

That all being said, this tool is certainly not for beginners as it can get quite costly. If you do not want to spend that much of money, you are probably better off without it.

#3: Semrush

SEMrush is an online SEO tool which helps in finding the most profitable keywords for your website. It is an all-in-one digital marketing software suite designed to provide digital marketers and online businesses with competitive data to inform marketing and business decisions.

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Zeen's Automatic Middle Of Content Ad Feature

The SEMrush team has designed a list of various tools and reports to help SEM and SEO services, interactive agencies, consultants, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies rank and maintain their websites in the top Google and Bing results.

The thing that makes it so effective is the simplicity it offers for its users. It won’t take you long to understand the whole interface of SEMrush.

I have covered an in-depth analysis of Semrush. You can follow the article given below in case you want to know all about Semrush.

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semrush reviewJump into the SEO train with Semrush


#4: Google Webmaster Tools

Google Image Search for SEO

What could be the best way to understand the way Google sees your website? Ask Google. Google Webmaster Tools are the solutions to your basic SEO needs. One can not just expect any results without making use of them.

Using these tools, you get to know as to how many pages of your website have been indexed in Google which would show up in search results, how many out of them are Accelerated Mobile Pages, how many are making use of rich cards or rich snippets, and a lot more important features.


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Google Image Search for SEO

Google Search Console: A complete guide


#5: SEO Report Card (Free)

SEO Report Card free SEO tools
SEO Report Card provides a lot of functionality for free

SEO Report Card is a free SEO tool which has a lot of features under the hood. It provides the following usability:

  • Rank Analysis
  • Link Building
  • On-Site Analysis
  • Website Accessibility
  • Trust Metrics
  • Current Indexing

You should definitely be trying out this tool if you can not spend a lot of money on other tools. It gets the job done anyway.

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These were some of the best SEO tools which you can make use of. I’ll definitely be updating this list as I get to know more. Meanwhile, feel free to subscribe to Stuff Listings. To do that, just tap the bell icon at the bottom of your screen.

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