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The list of the best websites that provide online tutorials

The advent of new norms in the education system has actually created a new place for Massive Open Online Courses. It has greatly supported the urge of those who really want to upgrade themselves with the latest trends.

There are many websites that are not only providing a platform to up-skill the knowledge but their acceptance as per educational standards also provides a reliability to the one who is inclined towards these online websites. There are many parameters that define the quality of these websites that provide online tutorials such as- Resource Persons, Quality of Content, Reference Material, Feedback by the former users and such.

Let’s have a glimpse at some of those websites that have carved a niche in the era of online tutorials:

Coursera: It is an online platform that enables the learner to get access to the classrooms of 147 colleges, universities as well as organizations. There are many free of cost courses for the learners and there are many advanced level courses that require some nominal fee. But that fee is very less as compared to the fee structure of normal classroom learning. The quality of the courses can easily be evaluated keeping in mind the rating as well as the feedback of the previous learners.

EdX: If you want to earn a knowledgeable experience in science and technology, then EdX will provide you a perfect platform. The most eye catchy feature of this online tutorial website is that all courses are offered free of cost. However, being a learner, if you are willing to get a certification or participative certificate, then you have to pay a nominal. Otherwise, this platform provides you the repository of scientific knowledge that is directly telecast from the renowned universities across the globe. The main purpose here is to upskill the generation irrespective of age and financial status. Founded in 2015, is actually a knowledge hub where you can get access to the bounty of resource material related to your interest. If you are a student and you want to learn a new skill or you are a professional and you want to upskill yourself, then this is the best platform where more than 10k users are learning every day. The reference content – videos, notes, images, and audiovisuals, is available free of cost for the learners anytime.

The content on this online tutorial is segregated as per the subjects and the varied resources are there to learn the same concept. The most catchy feature is here it allows you to list your own institute at by just following a few steps. In this way, if you want to be a resource person then you can also sign up here and explore a knowledgeable world of sharing and learning.

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OEDb: If you feel that there are so many choices and you want a particular kind of course, then the Open Education Database i.e. OEDb assists you to reach your desirable course. It enables a user to choose a particular course by exploring more than 10,000 websites at a time and in this way reduces the user’s stress of finding the best. The courses are available free of cost along with the reference material. There is a special section in this tutorial that helps the learner to make the right choice by asking a few questions about the kind of the course he/she is looking for.

MIT OpenCourseWare: Most of the online tutorials provide a package of classes that are from different universities or colleges. These days, many universities are planning to start their own tutorial channels through their official websites. MIT is an example in such case which has dedicated a section of the website for online tutorials. More than 175 million people have got access to the courses listed there so far related to IT industry. This section of the website is known as OpenCourseWare that provides access to more than 2,260 courses to the users and the name of MIT is actually a proof of their reliability as well as quality content. In order to get access to a particular course, all you have to do is to maintain an account on the website.

Harvard: What else is required when one of the best universities opens the platform for the learners? Harvard is also following the footsteps of MIT in online teaching by providing tutorials through its website. However, all courses are not free of cost. The cost of the courses is clearly mentioned on the website. There are a few courses that require extra fee for the certification as well. In this way, Harvard is also making its place in the list of the best websites that provide online tutorials. The increasing demand of the courses available here can be clearly calculated by looking at the number of visitors to its website daily.

Codecademy: It is a website that enables a learner to earn the technical degree in less possible time and that too almost free of cost. As soon as a user registers here, the estimated time to complete the course is defined and after the completion of the course, the certificate is also provided.

Alison: If you want to earn a knowledgeable experience from the book publishers then Alison provides you with the right kind of platform. Here, the courses have been designed by the publishers of the books. The courses are both free as well as chargeable. But it should be forgotten that these courses don’t carry any accreditation as they have not been designed by any university or college.

In this way, the online world is actually replete with the websites that allow you to widen your knowledge. Gone are the days when due to lack of money and time and due to responsibilities, leaning was limited. Today, with just a single click you can open a door towards a new world of knowledge. Just remember to make the right kind of choice as you are going to spend your time and that is an ultimate asset.

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