Was a fine summer day when she walked into my life. The smile on her face is something I would never forget. Was a nobody back then, I. Had not even known back then what on earth blogging is, let alone be one (an awesome one at that for that matter), and the only thing that came to my mind was that happens whatever may, I got to get her.

Seeing her with somebody was never easy, add to this the fact that I had nothing but a month to tell her that I loved her and man I did love her a lot, something which is not usual in the case of an idiot like me.

Apparently, 30 days are not enough even for a trash talker like me. The last day of my college had the last multiple choice question for me:

Are you sad because:

  1. Your college days are over
  2. You won’t see her again

Deep down, I knew the answer to this question but left it to the fate and time to answer.

And then she blocks me…

Life gives you plenty of happy moments and you tend to forget them all. But you never forget the crap times ever. Was returning from work one day when I realized that she’s no more in my life.

Tried to move on for a long time, but I just could not, for I knew she is not something that’d fade away from this stupid brain-o-mine.

Have done a lot in my life, have achieved a lot too. I have a frikkin ton of websites, I make decent money, people learn SEO from me, I have literally overcome all the challenges in my life, but the biggest one of them was to get that girl in yellow back in my life.

And now she’s here…



bulla and lulla

So, on this new year’s eve, I am going to publish this article for her. It might mean nothing for the readers, but she should know what she means to me. I could not do much, but as a blogger, I can at least share my love for you to the world. Thank you for being there and making this life, life again.

Thanks for coming back… Do not go, ever again, for you are my life…..

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A very happy new year to you all. God bless us, everyone. God bless Stuff Listings 😀