The huge sword resting on the shoulder of Kisame has always been known for its mystique and allure. The gigantic sword hasn’t had many wielders and the ones we know of were all men not be trifled with. Samehada doesn’t chop or cut or slash or jab but as Kisame appropriately warns – It lobs off. And worse still it steals, and that too chakra no less.

As the seven swordsmen arc halts to its fitful end, Boruto series bears witness to some very exciting swordsmanship and the fans cannot help but marvel at one such scene that has left everyone scratching their heads :

The scene features a snippet wherein the sword Samehada swallows a man whole and quite like you speculated a weird combination comes forth to wreak havoc. Chojuro, the Mizukage, warns of its fickle minded nature and reiterates how difficult it is to handle the sword. Samehada is considered to be the most dangerous of all the swords and to commemorate the seven swordsmen arc, we at stufflistings, bring you a list of some interesting facts about the sword in question.

1) Samehada is a sentient sword

Samehada sentient sword

Let us not forget the series, as strange as it may sound, briefly considered the idea of making the Third Hokage a monkey but the idea was retconned anyhow because if its absurdity. But we are not here to humor you, Samehada really is a sentient sword, and surprisingly it has its own likes and dislikes as well.

There have been two instances where it particularly stands out:

  1. When it clings to Killer Bee to feed him chakra.
  2. When it uses its handle to clout Bee’s head to register its pain for being used to ward off a fire attack.

2) It loves Octopop’s chakra

One thing that has always eluded the fans is that although Samehada’s fascination with strong chakra seems reasonable enough, the particular liking towards Killer Bee is a little uncalled for, given that is, Naruto’s chakra is arguably stronger. Well, here you have your answer – Samehada loves some octopus.


3) Samehada changes the user’s appearance

Ever wondered why Kisame kinda looks like a half shark? Although he has been shown to bear such markings from before he even got his hands on the coveted sword, the fact that the sword lends the user some chakra gives it all the more credence. Sharp teeth is a common feature shared by almost all the previous ninjas from the Seven Swordsmen and these markings most likely share a connection that goes beyond a simple animation style. A sentient sword is bound to have some effect?

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4) It can combine with its user

As tough it is to wield the sword if one combines well to mask his chakra signatures, the sword can help work wonders. It can endow the user with enhanced abilities like raw power and speed and quite unlike the recent case we witnessed in Boruto, the user doesn’t always have to go berserk. In fact, Kisame used it quite efficiently against Bee.

Kisame merged with Samehada
Kisame + Samehada

So what do you think? Is it the weirdest sword ever? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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