To add to its many woes, Google pixel 2 XL supposedly charges at about 10.5 W, much curtailed, given that the power was touted to be 18 W. The power reduces even further as the battery moves past 65, increasing the total charge time to an abysmal 2 hrs 30 minutes. As the competition stiffens with phones like LG’s V30 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8+ entering the market, claims that Google pixel 2 XL offers efficient performance stands on slippery grounds.

Google Pixel XL 2 Charging
Google Pixel XL 2 Charging

Galaxy S8, on the other hand, offers a charging time of about 80-100 minutes (fast wall charger). Oneplus 5 is far ahead with its dash charging that manages about 60 percent of charge in a measly 30 minutes. Likewise, the users are not happy with Google pixel XL 2’s dismal performance, especially after the recurrent screen problems in its LG-made 6.0-inch Quad HD+ pOLED display. The issue has thus prompted investigations into the matter against three tech giants Google, LG and HTC. Given that Richard Gibbons leads the investigation, it is likely that a lawsuit might be in order.

Coming to its dismal charging, a user by the name of Nathan K. has mentioned in his report, that he published on Google plus, the phone lags far behind its expectations and promises. The wattage starts at about 15W and drops down to 10W rather quickly as the charging progresses. The wattage remains constant for about 50 minutes before dropping further down till its completion.

It remains unclear why Google has opted for a rather traditional route to sustain the battery performance through the years. In the present day smartphone world which abounds with superchargers from Huawei, turbochargers from Moto and Dashchargers from Oneplus, the pixel might just have dropped the ball on this one.

But amidst a lawsuit breathing down its neck and suggestions to pull back the smartphone, has this experimentation failed miserably?

Do let us know in the comment section below.

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