Whether it is reviving the village from the brink of collapse or defending it with bestowing a sacrifice as costly as one’s life, there is no hero like a Hokage, no title as honorable, and no man nor woman as powerful. So without waiting any further- Who is the most powerful Hokage ever? Every Hokage was a God in himself.

Oh, this one is gonna be good and long! Brace yourselves.

Let us look into some forms of strength :

Chakra reserves – 7th Hokage

Who takes the center stage here? Two options- Hashirama or Naruto? Let us look into it :

Hashirama acknowledges the combined chakra reserves of Naruto and Kurama and said that it was close to him but still not equal.

But then Naruto received Sage of Six Paths chakra and even before that he got chakra from the tailed beats, giving a massive fillip to his reserves.

Naruto Chakra
Naruto Chakra

Although Hashirama’s gracious deities seemed far too powerful, as did his other sage techniques, I don’t suppose they match Naruto’s. It was basically :

Naruto + Kurama + other tailed beasts + six paths chakra.

Kurama too received six paths chakra and showed great enhancement in his abilities. So I presume reasonably, Naruto takes the center stage here.

Overall Skill Set – 2nd Hokage

The Second Hokage
The Second Hokage
  • Tobirama trumps all. And by miles at that :
    • Inventor of Shadow Clone, Flying Raijin, reanimation and many others.
    • Fastest of his time.
    • Great analyst – Minato looked at him for directions during Obito Jinchuriki attack.
    • Helped heal Sasuke, so skilled even in medical ninjutsu.
    • Used Genjutsu against third.
    • Carried a sword – adept in Kenjutsu, used it to slash Madara’s brother.
    • An adept sensor.
    • Had a vast body of knowledge, earning adulation from Orochimaru.

The only thing that is lacking is just Senjutsu, other than that he knew almost everything.

Range of Techniques – 3rd Hokage

Hiruzen defeats all. 

Because he is credited with having known almost all techniques that ever existed in Konoha. He could use all the five basic elements as well.

Third Hokage Five elements
Third Hokage Five elements

He definitely is the most underrated shinobi of all time. Everyone seems to think he is weak. No, he is not :

    • His was the most powerful summon, Enma. No doubt about that.
    • He along with Enma were almost unstoppable, helping save Naruto remember?
    • He even pushed the nine-tails out of the village when even Pain could not trap half of Kyuubi’s power with planetary devastation.

He was crazy powerful, only we never got to witness him in his prime, he earned praise from both Hashirama and Tobirama and they must not have been that easy to please.

Speed – 7th Hokage

 Many might think that Minato wins here, but no. I am talking about raw speed here. And the winner would be – Naruto. Why ?

He tries this only to have his arm chopped off. Naruto, on the other hand, kept up with Madara just fine.

Not only that, he even managed to chop off Kaguya’s arm.

So I guess it fairly plausible that Naruto is the fastest.

There are many many forms of strength as well but I guess I know what you mean. You are thinking something along the line of who would be the best bet against anyone.

Who can defeat all others in a one on one battle? I presume this is what we mean by strongest.

Am I right?

The answer is Naruto, as many rightly say. The only Hokage who could come close and give him a serious competition is gonna be Hashirama.

It would not be a stretch to say that he might be able to fight on par with Naruto for quite a while. But Naruto is more powerful :

  • Naruto and Kurama basically sponged off all the natural energy of the entire surrounding, Hashirama had a very powerful Senjutsu as well, but not as powerful.
  • Naruto seems to be much faster.
  • Naruto towards the end has bigger chakra reserves.
  • He has access to all the tailed beasts’ chakra, ameliorating his techniques to levels unheard of.

By the most popular definition of strongest, Naruto wins here.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

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