Edo Tensei or Impure World Reincarnation is arguably the most infamous creation of Tobirama, the Second Hokage. The technique gave all the necessary impetus that was needed to wage a war. Many argue that there would be no war without it but that is for another time. Edo Tensei certainly gave us some really interesting spectacles- fights like the five Kages Vs Madara.

But why exactly was Edo Tensei created? How did Orochimaru use it? Read on as we answer.

Edo Tensei Jutsu

We must understand what Tobirama intended when he created the reanimation technique (Edo Tensei Jutsu) :

The ancillary that went along with the dead corpses was multiple concentrated explosions, wherein the focused explosions would take place with the reanimated body in close proximity. The reanimated body would, of course, be restored in place again, i.e it serves as a bomb.

It was a suicide attack the terrorists deploy, only that the bomber is a corpse which could be reanimated again. In the war times, this must have proved to be of remarkable significance.

Not to mention, he could deploy it so fast that one could barely move, the same reason for which the Fourth Hokage whisked Naruto and Sasuke away with Flying Raijin.

So the reanimation wasn’t really intended to call upon the dead and have them fight for you, it was to wipe out armies with multiple explosions. So a 100 percent precision wasn’t necessary, and thus the dead weren’t summoned at their full powers, not that it was easy to reach that precision.

But Orochimaru was a genius when it came to experimentation, who morphed this technique to find other usages, exploring it beyond what was intended, increasing its precision, as Tobirama himself mentions :

Edo Tensei Precision
Edo Tensei Precision

Though the precision was enhanced, the thing still wasn’t the same as flesh and blood, but the precision was remarkable, given that the dead were acting on their own, free from control, their abilities were substantial.

Edo Tensei limitations
Edo Tensei limitations

To quote Madara “there is a reason you brothers can’t fight at your true strength ”. Despite all enhancement, reanimation was still a limiting cap on abilities.

Before summoning the four Hokages with reanimation (or Kabuto’s Edo Tensei) the reanimation technique was pretty much deployed, if at all, for instantly wiping out armies of opposition with the only exception of Orochimaru’s, that is when he used it against Hiruzen.

But even then the precision was pretty paltry:

Edo Tensei
Edo Tensei
  1. Tobirama isn’t even shown using Flying Raijin, which was by all accounts his most quick and lethal weapon. Instead of acting with celerity, he moved like a dumb zombie.
  2. Wood Golem, sage mode, Hote No Jutsu and among countless other techniques of Hashirama were made no use of.

Much like how Rasengan found many other uses, Edo Tensei was extrapolated to summon deathly zombies and launch them at the enemy’s heels. Whether it was multiple explosions or nostalgic bouts when confronted with former masters, Edo Tensei was a technique that wreaked havoc for far too long than anticipated, and it certainly merited a forbidden status.

So what do you think of Edo Tensei Jutsu? Let us know in the comment section below.





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