We all marvel at Mashashi Kishimoto’s world of shinobi that packs plots that are woven into a well-knit fabric, and his ability to mask great stories behind tricky snippets, the story of Itachi and many others for example. He has also waded his way through some very challenging plots to immaculately depict moral dilemma against the backdrop of strained political drama (the whole Uchiha fiasco). But Naruto as a series has always been well renowned for its riveting share of jaw-dropping fights and techniques.

Naruto, Seventh Hokage
Naruto, The Nanadaime Hokage

Range of Techniques – Naruto

While Naruto continues to be hailed as the strongest shinobi ever with his massive chakra reserves and his fairly expansive arsenal, many believe that his range of techniques has been rather paltry. As the much-coveted Hokage hat adorns his blue eyes and even a jacket undulates with the glorious print of “Nanadaime Hokage”, his predecessors’ repertoire (the likes of 3rd Hokage) must be humbling even for the Child Of Prophecy.

In fact, the sheer range of Rasengans throughout the series has been the butt of many jokes, in today’s world – an equal share of memes like this  and this :

Naruto Rasengan Meme
Naruto Rasengan Meme

The inception of Naruto Shippuden drove many curiosities as the anime-world was abuzz with speculations of his newfound abilities but his two years with Jiraiya gave him nothing better than a bigger ball of Rasengan. He got better in those two years but his arsenal was pretty dismal.

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Thereafter we got the witness the spectacle of Sage technique and that granted him some very valuable abilities, like his advanced sensory skills, enhanced taijutsu abilities, and massive chakra reserves. Following his triumph against Pain, he struggled to control the overwhelming chakra reserves of the Nine-tails and succeeded, which was invariably a legacy his father had left behind.

But power doesn’t trump all and if you play your cards right, skill might just save the day, quite like this :

Hiruzen was Tobirama’s successor, someone who was arguably the most dangerous shinobi in overall skill-set, the famed creator of shadow clone jutsu and also the infamous creator of Edo-tensie (impure world reanimation). Not just his ingenuity but the complete breath of his knowledge was truly frightening. He packed a sword, was skilled in Genjutsu, could use all the five nature transformations, and was the fastest shinobi of his generation.

Much like his brother, The God of all shinobi – Hashirama was just as versatile as he was strong, some highlights :

So is Naruto just as versatile? Better still, does he need such a sheer range of techniques?

For the latter part, I think we may just have a simple answer.

We think not. Withstanding Naruto’s light-speed reactions, we can say that even the Flying Thunder God technique would not have borne any substantial utility. Other than that Naruto has shown that his chakra control and more importantly its transformation is seamless, much like here (and several other times) :

Naruto Chakra Transformation
Naruto Chakra Transformation

While others have to countervail fire with water and likewise, Naruto is powerful enough to just blast such attacks off.

His massive chakra reserves even surpass Hashirama’s, especially after he received more the Sage of Six paths, and also a fraction from all tailed beasts. He can use that chakra for magnet release rasengan and even for sealing. His sage technique also lends a massive fillip to his sensory abilities. His tailed beast bomb rasenshuriken that completely pulverized a near meteorite lends more credence to the fact that Naruto was a level of his own. And for someone like him, an advanced fire technique would be insignificant, as would be any other A-rank technique.

But, is Naruto the whole package? I guess we would have to disagree on that one.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.


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