The war is over. The supernatural oddity, that goes by the name Kaguya has seen its fitful end. The dissonance and all the enmity between the five nations have wafted up in the air and now a new age beckons and comes with it a new age of shinobi. Acceptance, love and the title of Hokage, things that have always eluded the hero, Naruto, are now within his grasp, but not his son, Boruto.

Boruto – Naruto Next Generations

The new hidden Mist
The new hidden Mist #stufflistings
He has found a wife in the lovable Hinata and has been blessed with two kids, Boruto and Himawari. Naruto, the one who drove many a transformation of heart seemingly is in trouble to strike a chord with his son. Sasuke has a daughter with Sakura, Sarada,  who has invariably inherited her father’s cold glares and her mother’s supposed unsympathetic demeanor. The shinobi world that was once inflicted with great wars now sprawls with modern amenities juxtaposed against lush greenery. Even the Blood mist village now bears witness to international trade crisscrossing its waters and peace flourishes as even the genin expeditions are international.
The new Swordsmen of the Mist
The new Swordsmen of the Mist Boruto

The latest Boruto episode saw to the formation of the new Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, lead by a “hoshikage”, who carries the same markings on his skin as Kisame. The group hopes to send ripples of war through the newfound peaceful waters of the Hidden Mist to regain its former glories. As the series cannons into a flurry of political strifes and revolts, it also marks the rightful time for some jaw-dropping action.

For a series that has dominated both the manga and the anime scene for more than a decade, a question – is a Boruto series even worth it? – stands unanswered. Given that the Naruto series had everything from riveting fights to awe-inspiring twists and turns, does the Boruto series bring anything new to the table? While the creator – Mashashi Kishimoto promises to make it better than he did Naruto, fans are quite divided in their opinion of the series.

The series has introduced snippets of some very eerie mishaps, a faceoff between Boruto and Kawaki (Naruto is supposedly missing) in a bid to engross the fans from the get-go and it has panned out quite well so far. Ever since it has teased with a sudden appearance of Neu- a creature that is supposedly Danzo’s legacy. A fight featuring both Naruto and Sasuke also dotted the early season and much to the disappointment of most fans their performances were a far cry from the war-like days.

While the story forges ahead with its surprises, the ability to drive changes in perspectives has passed onto Boruto, something that he has made use of on multiple occasions. Naruto the series was arguably famed for its character development and plot devise and we feel that Boruto’s youthful charm and stubbornness, something that mirrors his father’s, is a conspicuous deviation from the trend. The series went too far when he used the same paint that Naruto did, to color the faces of Hokages with his “recalcitrant stubbornness”, much like, you guessed it, his father.

Boruto painting Hokage faces
Boruto painting Hokage faces

Likewise, he talked Kagura out of harm’s way to steer him clear off evil notions. He convinced his class representative pretty much to the same way to stop the havoc dead in its track. Shikadai inherits his father’s (Shikamaru) intelligence, Inoichi follows after his father Sai, and Chocho is as hungry as Choji. Much like Boruto – The Movie, the series presumably hosts some interesting antagonists, the likes of Momoshiki, descendants of the Otsutski family who likely want to foist Kaguya’s plans in the world.

Would the new Boruto series be as inspiring as Naruto? Would it pack ideological differences and deep cutting philosophies like Naruto or is it a stretch gone too far? We leave it up to you to decide. Let us know in the comment section below.

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