Ever since the inception of Kurt Angle as the General Manager of Raw, fans have been waiting patiently for the famed wrestler’s in-ring appearance to reignite the long-lost wrestling spark that seemingly has fazed out amid the sprawling theatrics and drama. With the retirement of the likes of The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, the onus weighs heavily on the youngsters like Seth Rollins to carry the torch forward.

Kurt Angle Return

Kurt Angle
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If reports are to be believed the star attraction Roman Reigns is not likely to be part of the TLC 2017, but better still Kurt Angle, WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist, will be taking Reigns’ place in the main event match at TLC, this is going to be his first match with the WWE since 2006. As his feud with Brawn Strowman materializes, some actual angel twisting seems ripe for its fruition, given the recent turn of events. Rightfully, we at stufflistings.com bring you some of the most memorable matches of Kurt Angle from the past :

The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle (2006)

Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle
Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle

This spar saw to an immense hype build up, with the undertaker destroying the stage to deliver his message with his signature allure and ominous exuberance. While Kurt Angle’s in-ring finesse is second to none, The Undertaker’s lean built-up helped them work a match at No Way Out (2006) that bore witness to umpteen maneuvers, executed with majestic celerity. A Tombstone-piledriver was quickly converted into an Angle Slam, a pinning maneuver into hells gate and back and forth. The match even ended up on controversial terms as both men had their shoulders and backs to the ground while being counted out.


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Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels (2005)

Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle

Considered to be one of the best matches ever witnessed, it inculcated many forms of mixed martial arts to give the match a realistic edge. The match had its share of bloodshed, riveting maneuvres, bodies flying from the top rope all the way to the commentary box and more importantly both their egos and bodies grappling in frenzied exasperation and surprise. Highlights. The match eventually ended up in Mr. Wrestlemania getting caught in the Angle Slam and had to give in, this match was also the recipient of The Match of The Year (2005) by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle
Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

The match started off with Brock going all out from the start and that too with a steel chair, knowing full well how that would pan out as he hammered it away at Angle to lose a score, which he eventually leveled by pinning him down. Highlights. It wasn’t just the chair that he used to land heavy blows on Angle, but he sneaked a way to clout his opponent with the title as well and hurled him all the way down from the top rope with a superplex, gaining an enormous lead of 5-2. But Kurt wasn’t to be dissuaded so easily, as he snuck up on Brock from behind and thrashed him onto the ground.

Seizing the opportunity again with only 4:30 minutes left, he locked Brock in a watertight angle lock and managed to win a tap in his favor. but it was all for naught as the scoreboard ticked 4-5, declaring Brock the winner towards the end.

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