With the inception of its new season and the spin-off announcement, The Big Bang Theory has been sitting pretty on its haunches of prime-time TV, but it seems the supposed “good-natured banter” of our lovable deviants has come under speculation for its “supposed” misogyny and sexism. With the news outlets and the public bashing the show alike for its depreciating humour and more importantly for its one-dimensional diatribes that reinforce reprehensible sexist gender conformations, reverting our attitudes to the “big bang” era with its “innocuous” geeky sexism.

The Big Bang Theory Reprove

Penny has been repeatedly called out on her “slutty” demeanour, one that supposedly gives way to the erroneous belief that women can sell their bodies off to turn “some heads” in their favour. Penny has been shown using her body to “slide her way” up in her new career as a pharmaceutical rep. And that isn’t the only time it has happened:

Many also argue that the show has gone too far in its portrayal of a “horny Jewish” as leering on American Top Model house could be considered more “voyeuristic” than just an innocent horny behaviour resulting from a dry spell.

The portrayal of Raj as a brown boy spoiled at the hands of his rich parents also checks all the preconceived notions borne by Americans towards a rather under-represented group, something that most people seem to agree with. The slew of criticisms is far more focused on the lead character Sheldon, as his comments largely remain completely unchecked and hang in awkward silence.

“She was kind of an honorary man. She had a penis made of science.”, in reply to his defence of Marie Curie’s scientific accomplishments in spite of her “gender”. The Big Bang theory has many more instances that suggest that the show is rife with sexism:

“Your ovaries are squirting so much goofy juice into your brain you don’t even know which way is up”, many episodes are festered with many such “quick retorts” that never find a rebuttal, sometimes they are met with exasperated furrowed brows and sometimes with plain silence followed by a laugh track.

Although the show has shown a marked dip in its ratings and the humour has arguably run dry, there are many on the opposite end of the spectrum, the staunch supporters who guffaw at the double entendres that they claim are “very well executed”. Many argue that The Big Bang Theory is being unfairly targeted and the argument is plausible enough. It is true that The Big Bang Theory has its share of sexism but many other popular shows like Two and a Half Men and Two Broke Girls have all indulged in such sexist retorts.

Two and a Half Men is loosely based on free-wheeling hedonism that is filled with promiscuity addled romanticizing but it all floats well for “good-old” Charlie and nothing pops like it does with The Big Bang Theory.

Two Broke Girls isn’t far from indulging in “harmless rape” humour, with dialogues like “my first time? with or without clothes?” (something similar).

To overlook others and lambaste The Big Bang Theory does amount to scapegoating and it would be iniquitous not to point out the detrimental culture that has insidiously made its way to primetime television.

So how do you feel about your favourite shows? Do let us know in the comment section below.



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