When it comes to Chromebooks, the market is always divided into two halves. On one hand are the ultra-cheap Chromebooks which act as a laptop replacement for students and those who just want to get their basic stuff done without having to invest a lot in a laptop and on the other are the ones made by companies like Samsung and Asus which carry a price tag of more than $500, thereby putting a sort of confusion in a buyer’s mind as to whether to go for it or opt for a laptop instead. And then comes Google Pixelbook.

Google Pixelbook is the new weapon in Google’s arsenal which has a promising future ahead of it. This is the first Chrome OS fired machine ever since Google decided to discontinue its Chromebook Pixel lineup.

How good/bad is it? How much would it cost? Can it actually replace the traditional laptops? Let’s find out all the answers in our complete review of the Google Pixelbook.

Google Pixelbook: Full Review

Google Pixelbook complete review

When Google launched the first-ever Pixel laptop, the Chrome OS was just a newly born baby. Android apps could not run on Chrome OS and it was more of a machine which could get the basic stuff done and that was, more or less, it. That being said, the price of the first-gen Pixel laptop was no less than $1,299. Clearly, the Pixel laptop was not for everyone as those were the times Chromebooks used to be considered as cheap laptops. The second generation of the device saw somewhat of a price drop and the device was available for $999. Though the price was somehow reduced, still the Pixel laptop was a pretty niche device.

Google Pixelbook: Price

This time, however, things have changed drastically. Android apps have been integrated natively in Chrome OS. There are no shortcuts this time. Once again, Google is sticking to a price of $999 with the Pixelbook which goes all the way to $1,499 for the higher end variants.

Is the price too high? Maybe. Think twice. If smartphones can dare cross the $999 price range in 2017, why can’t Pixelbook? Consider it that way and the price suddenly starts feeling apt.

Google Pixelbook: Design

Google has left no stone unturned to make the Pixelbook a piece of beauty. The Pixelbook is, without any doubts, the best looking Chromebook ever. It’s just over 10mm thick (feeling bad while using the word thick for the Pixelbook) and weighs just under two and a half pounds. It can very well turn out to be your to-go device as it’s very comfortable to hold and carry.

Google Pixelbook design review

It’s made up of aluminum which gives it a very sturdy appearance. The most amazing thing to notice is that how well the Pixelbook resembles the Pixel lineup of smartphones.

The top of the laptop has a glass shade in white where the Wi-Fi antenna lies. The glass trackpad is another key highlight which is surrounded by a set of “advanced silicone” pads which protect the screen from the keyboard.

You can use the Pixelbook in any orientation possible as it can be rotated to 360 degrees. Another key thing to notice is the fact that the laptop is fanless. As far as charging the laptop is concerned, the Pixelbook has two USB-C ports and supports fast charging from its 45W charger.

Google Pixelbook Pen, how good is the stylus?
Image source: thenextweb

If you are willing to spend another $99, you can get a Pixelbook Pen which his an interesting accessory in itself.

The Pen does not require any wireless pairing and acts like a traditional Wacom stylus. It has support for pressure as well as angle. It requires an AAAA which would very well last for at least a year. How well does the Pen actually perform and is it really required is a matter of personal choice. Giving that it would cost an extra 99 bucks, I personally feel the Pen is not going to be everyone’s favorite.

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Google Pixelbook: Complete Specifications

Google Pixelbook full specifications


  • Processor: seventh-gen Intel Core i5/seventh-gen Intel CoreTM i7 processor
  • RAM: 8GB/16GB
  • Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB
  • Battery: 41Wh
  • Ports: 2 USB-C with fast-charging, headphone jack
  • Dimensions: 0.41 x 11.43 x 8.69 inches
  • Weight: 2.45lbs
  • Display: 12.3-inch, 2400 x 1600 LCD Touchscreen, 400 nits, 72 percent NTSC color
  • Camera: 720p
  • Keyboard: backlit
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 45W charger
  • Pen Support
  • Android Apps supported
  • Chrome OS

Google Pixelbook: Final Verdict

Google Pixelbook hands onNo doubts, the Pixelbook is costly, but so is a lot of tech today. $999 for a piece of beauty like this won’t hurt you at all. You can definitely go for the Pixelbook if you want to purchase a new laptop.

What are your thoughts about the Pixelbook? Do let us know in the comments section below.