Indian Politics is a big show business in itself. Aha! But What If? 

Bollywood takes over the ride? “Bollytics!” That would be some good sight.

Let’s take a dig onto imagination What if? Aamir Khan became the Prime Minister of India. All hail “Mr. Perfectionist.


Let’s begin with Why? He is the perfect Bollywood candidate for the PM chair. A similarity that runs through our worthy PM Modi and could be candidate Mr. Khan is making charts among 100 most influential people according to “The Time Magazine”. Bollytics again.

Bollywood Khan PM

What a delight?! Now again our worthy PM Modi is wayward bound in his abroad series of travel destination, who better than Aamir Khan to think of “Athiti Devo Bhava”, welcoming and hosting the reverse flow to the country. Incredible? Isn’t it?
Bollywood-Political-PMNor are the concerns limited to the travel plans but it extends further to education as well, what say? 3 Idiots.. Perhaps the three Khans can be deemed to be in the Prime Minster’s cabinet. Well, it might be a wild imagination, but its still worth a shot. What if? this was true.


And the concerns run deep to the elementary levels too ..”Make in India”  the “Children’s Plan” because of “Taare Zameen Par”.
Bollywood-Political-PMAdd on to this would be the “Dangal ” spree, girl child ratio? All under control under his “Sarkaar”. We call this “Apni Chori kise aur se kam hai ke”!! More power to women!

And then no “Sarkaar” is complete without its opposition, owing to his short-term memory loss, we can perhaps call it a day when the opposite party claims its entry. Bollytics level= Expert.

bollwood-political-PMLet’s not forget the changes he could bring, true to his films, commitment on “Salmaan bhai level”; Meine ek baar jo commitment kardi toh mei khud ki bhi nahi sunta , the country can expect a blockbuster change in all rapidity, 100 crores in multiples be the profit. Mr. Perfectionist! as we call him, we wish this sight was more than just an imagination.

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