Welcome to Marvel Comics Weekly. The month of September has brought a long list of some amazing comics in the Marvel Universe.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 Marvel Comics of the fourth week of September 2017.

If you want to download the comics mentioned in the list, you can do so from the links given below.

The list of the best comics of the month: September #4

1. Deadpool Vs The Punisher #1 – 5 + TPB (2017)

best Marvel Comics of the weekOne of the most famous Marvel Comics characters, Deadpool meets the Punisher in this Deadpool Comic book series. There are 5 parts of the storyline and all of them are equally awesome.

Deadpool Vs The Punisher is one of the Deadpool comics series which will keep you wanting for more.

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2. X-Men Gold #12

best Marvel Comics of the weekX-Men meet a mysterious villain while on a mission. The latest edition of the X-Men Gold comic book series is one of the best Marvel Comics of the month. You should definitely have a read.

To download the X-Men Gold #12, you can press the button given below.

3. Venomverse #3

best Marvel Comics of the weekOne by one, the Poisons have consumed the Venomized platoon of Marvel Heroes. With no other choice, Venom thinks up a longshot plan to stop their endless assault…and it’ll either be a miracle or an absolute bloodbath!

The third edition of the Venomverse is going to unfold a lot of mysteries. If you have read it already, stay tuned for the #4.

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4. Monsters Unleashed Vol. 2 #6

best Marvel Comics of the weekThe Volume 2 of the amazingly successful Marvel Comics series – Mosters Unleashed is all the way more intense and all the way more interesting. Catch a hold of the sixth episode of Monsters Unleashed for free.

5. Jean Grey #7

best Marvel Comics of the weekJean Grey has learned how to fight from the likes of Namor, Thor and Psylocke. But even then, she does not want to fight them, she wants to know more about them and break them. To do all this, she resorts to go to the Scarlet Witch. What happens then? Read the comic to know.

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