When it comes to getting traffic, organic traffic has always been the key. And, in order to get organic traffic, SEO is the key.

The real challenge behind ensuring proper SEO has always been the hype. Webmasters treat SEO as a ghost. Maintaining SEO is, without any doubts, a difficult feat, but is not impossible.

In my earlier articles, I have written a lot about SEO and I believe they would be of great help to you. In this article, I am not going to tell you something new. Rather, I’d be talking about some of the very basic things we all need to take care of.

Beginners’ SEO: A complete guide

Starting off, the first thing you need to do is keyword research. Now, there is a long list of tools you can make use of to do the keyword analysis, but the one I am about to mention has proved to be the most useful for me.

1. Keyword Planning

Planning the most relevant keywords for an article is the first and the foremost requirement in the process of getting organic traffic. For this, you can make use of a tool called KWFinder.


This tool enables us to analyze any keyword thereby giving us an idea as to whether to use the keyword or not.

There is nothing too difficult about this Keyword Tool. You just have to perform the following steps –

  1. Make a plot of your article
  2. Think of a Keyword
  3. Search that Keyword in the Keyword Planner
  4. Check for the color in the result page. If it is green, you can go for the Keyword, if it is yellow, you might have to work hard to achieve a good ranking, if it is red, well, do not waste your time on it, move on.
  5. Even if the color is green, make sure you have a look at the search volume at the left pane of the tool. If the search volume is too less, once again, it’s probably not worth the effort.

2. Use Alt Tags for ALL the images

This is one serious matter of concern, particularly among new bloggers. We often forget the importance Alt Tags play in SEO. Alt Tags, if utilized properly, can drive an insane amount of organic traffic, particularly from the Google Images search results.


After reading this article, you should make it a point that there should not be a single image on your Website which is without an Alt tag or an Alt text.

3. Inbound and Outbound Links

Both the inbound links and the outbound links are very crucial for SEO. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, chances are highly likely that you are making use of Yoast. If you are not, it’s time that you start doing it.



Believe it or not, comments on any post have a direct impact on its rankings. If you are using WordPress, there are a lot of good comment plugins which you can make use of in order to lure the viewers to comment on your posts.


5. Other relevant tricks

There is a long list of stuff you can do to ensure good SEO. You can check out the below article to know more.

I hope this helps you achieve good results for your Website. If you found the article helpful, do let us know in the comments section below.