When it comes to websites, the name matters a lot. Domain Names play a significant role in SEO and are a vital asset to a website’s success.

How is Domain Name helpful for SEO? Consider a Domain Name having a keyword which receives millions of hits a month and your Domain Name consists of that keyword.

I happened to receive an email from Josh Wardini who is the project coordinator at Webmasters Jury. They have made an amazing infographic which depicts a whopping list of 101 interesting facts about Domain Names. After reviewing it, I found it to be an amazing fit for Stuff Listings, hence this article.

Not going too deep into the importance the Domain Names play in SEO, let’s find out some interesting facts about Domain Names:

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If you are about to enhance your business and attract more customers online, you are at the right place to get started. The first thing to do is creating your company website, for which you have to obtain a domain name. The following article, accompanied by the insightful data about domain names prepared by professionals at Webmasters Jury is aimed at presenting the must-know facts on domain names.

  1. In 1983 Paul Mockapetris invented the Domain Name System.

  2. Two years later the first domain called Symbolics.com appeared on the internet.

  3. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which manages global domain name system, ensuring network’s secure and stable operation, was founded in 1998.

  4. Until 1999 there were limited extensions for domain registrations, as Network Solutions sold .com, .net and .org.

  5. Verisign acquired Network Solutions in 2000.

  6. 2014 marks a year of significant changes, adding more than 100 new generic top-level domains.

  7. 2 years after the introduction of over 100 TLDs, 326.4 million domain names were registered.

  8. Currently, 1500+ valid TLDs are available.

  9. Domains were once free until 1995.

  10. Domain names have a life cycle, which varies typically from 1-10 years.

  11. They expire if you do not renew them on time.

  12. This process requires several steps. After expiring, domain names enter a renewal grace period that may last from 0-46 days, during which a registrant can renew paying the standard fee.

  13. Once the registrant fails to renew, the domain name enters a redemption period (30 days). They will have to pay some $100 to get the domain name back.

  14. Redemption is followed by pending delete period that lasts 5 days and during this period the user cannot renew.

  15. Once pending delete period is over the domain is again available for all.

  16. In addition to generic TLDs, there are also ccTLDs that are country code specific. By 2016 about 142 million ccTLDs were registered.

  17. One domain with nTLD (new top-level domain) is registered in China for every 57 internet users.

  18. Studying the demographics of domain names, here is the data that shows which country took a leading role in the number of registered domain names.

Hence .cn (China) comes first with 21.1 million domains, followed by .tk  (Tokelau) with 18.2 million, .de (Germany) with 16.1 million, .uk (UK) with 10.6 million, .ru (Russia) with 6.3 domains and finally .nl (Netherlands) with 5.7 million.

19. The 100th .com domain was registered in 1987. Minimum length of .com domain is 2 characters and all possible combinations of 2-letter domains are taken.

The given facts will be an excellent guide during your journey to create a unique domain name. Anyway, if you continue looking at the infographic, there are still many important facts to learn. Stay on this page and expand your knowledge with the precise and accurate facts our professionals have created.

Best facts about Domain Names

I hope the infographic seemed to be as interesting to you as it did to me. If you want more of such amazing stuff, you can check out Webmastersjury for that. Kudos to the team for such amazing work.