Talk about a thriller book, fiction has its best when we talk about Dan Brown. I owe my vicarious reading and book hoarding to this author, in particular. There’s a new book in the town that’s making its name even without actually having made it out in the market.

And why not? The best fiction novel with thrills is impeccable and unabashed by the Langdon series. For the ones who know of this series are much blessed already. For the ones new to this are about to be smitten. The novel is named “Origin”: Number 5 of Robert Langdon Series.

A snip-bit as to what Dan writes. True to his raising ironically by science & religious talks that went on in his family; owing to his parent’s affiliation per se. Dan Brown writes fiction thrills based on historical setting & artifacts with just enough of prudence towards science & religion. Robert Langdon became the superhero of his novels and people rightly love him for his geniuses.

The beauty of his writings took so much of a space that it was covered in movie adaptations. Almost no person would exist not knowing about Da-Vinci Code or Angels and Demons. Of course, Dan is known for his superb use of vocabulary as if dictionary would run short.  The upcoming novel of Dan Brown is set to unravel on 3rd October 2017 on Flipkart and is ready to be pre-ordered. It’s the fifth in the Langdon series. A book of 544 pages is sure to keep one engrossed. Thriller as we once knew it in the name of Michael Jackson has now known another face.

About Robert Langdon in the new book “Origin”, him being a Havard Professor of symbology & religious iconology, he is invited to Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. A major discovery is yet to be revealed by  Edmond Kirsch, a billionaire who was once a student of Langdon.

The revelation is set to answer two of the questions of human existence. And here comes the chase, where Langdon has to hit to Barcelona to locate & unlock cryptic password as he seeks to understand Kirsch’s secret. Here comes the evil power in force to put Langdon and Kirsch to silence. For all the Dan Brown fans; Yes! There are art & symbols and the thrill attached to it.

If you are an adventure enthusiast who loves thrills like perhaps Indiana Jones, this is going to come as a surprise. A lot of hopes have been raised. For the ones who haven’t read of Dan Brown, it’s never too late to begin, pick up his books in order and then move onto the 5th which is named “Origin”. Too much of surprises this book would contain, another place around the world, another mystery to be solved. A must upcoming read.

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