People who are leaders are humble servants to mankind, here is a great teacher and has left us a great load of teachings to relish and imbibe. He has inspired the youth and still does so, even after being deceased – Chanakya!

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.”

The teachings and knowledge passed on by Chanakya are crucial to all mankind, relevant to many different sectors of life. Having gained many accolades for his perseverance and love for the nation, call it political revolutions or just some inspiring tales is for you to decide.

Dating back to the formation of the Maurya Empire (322 BCE), Chanakya was the chief advisor of the great Chandragupta Maurya and his son Bindusara. He was a person with multiple facets of knowledge, be it political sciences or economics. Chanakya has been an idol to many who wished to gain knowledge about various fields. A Pundit, Chanakya, was a pivotal part of Indian history.

Also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta, Chanakya was a man who had the intelligence to help create the Maurya Empire.

He has various pieces written in Sanskrit, which was lost but recovered only in the early twentieth century. These writing were then translated into many languages. His much-lauded works are Arthashastra (which talks about economics) and Chanakya Niti (his observation on various practical aspects of life).

There are various modern-day adaptations of his writings. Four of my top picks include–

Kautilya’s Arthshashtra by Kautilya (Chanakya himself)

This book describes the art of government in its widest sense.

Kautilya’s Arthashastra

You can purchase this book online, click here.

Chanakya Neeti by B.K. Chaturvedi

This book depicts the strategies used by Chanakya for understanding and benefits the reader in an effective way.

B.K. Chaturvedi’s Chanakya Neeti

You can purchase Chanakya Neeti online, click here.

Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

This book, which is well received by both readers and critics alike, has a plot which delves into two parallel worlds and reincarnation.

Ashwin Sanghi’s Chanakya’s Chant

You can purchase Chanakya’s Chant online, click here.

Corporate Chanakya by Radhakrishnan Pillai 

This book has interpretations of Chanakya’s teachings on management. It is reader-friendly as each page has some different flavor and special teachings of Chanakya cannot be ruled out.

Radhakrishnan Pillai’s Corporate Chanakya

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“God is not present in idols. Your feelings are your god. The soul is your temple.”