I met a man last summer who had this story to tell. Here is goes out in his own words…

“I cannot understand religions sometimes. It’s just that we have been taught and ordered to obey a particular religion, bow down to a particular God from our childhood, we bow down to that God. We follow a particular religion. What we have been put in our heads by our parents, we do that. We don’t have a proper reasoning and understanding to whatever we do as a child, and whatever we are fed, we become.

You are what you eat, they say. And as we are growing up we have been ‘taught’ to think rather think on your own. Worst part is that some of us have been secretly insinuated by parents to hate other religions.

I’m not saying following a particular religion is bad. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of a religion and personally,  I’m proud to be a part of one of them. And what should be given weightage to, is follow it how it’s exactly written in the scriptures and the doctrines. Then every religion is beautiful.

Other than that all the religions on the face of this earth have become highly misunderstood and misinterpreted by man himself, who I think tries to add something new to his religion everyday, to ‘confuse’ the coming generations.

It’s so easy to brainwash a child’s mind for the worst and get him or her to do something which is inhuman. Take these terrorists who infiltrate the minds of innocent kids and youths to kill in the name of God. Take that guy AjmalKasab.

I feel sorry for him sometimes. He was a mere puppet in the hands of the big white collared criminals, who are slowly trying to take over the world for the worst. Some of these guys are the ones who are doing the work of igniting flames between common people and making them fight against each other, while they sit back, relax and watch the show.

These attacks, riots, killings and inhuman acts keep happening in this world and confuses me to the core as to why God created this world in the first place. For it to gradually get destroyed. Logic anyone?

I want to now quote a simple yet profound line, from one of the songs written by the renowned lyricist of the yesteryears, Shailendra. It’s from the 1966 film TeesriKasam, starring Raj Kapoor and WaheedaRehman.
‘Duniyabanane wale, kyateremannmeinsamayi,
Tune kahekoduniyabanayi?’.

It roughly translates to ‘Oh Creator of this world, what had struck your heart/came into your heart. Why have you created this world?’

All in all, I think religion has become a game of complete show off, forced conversions, world domination, starry eyed surprises, business, blame, bruised egos, showing yourself as a lion in a pack of wolves and most importantly plain hate.”

He ended his talk his by quoting George Bernard Shaw, which he had said about a particular religion but I think it applies to every religion.

“X is the best religion but X’s followers are the worst followers.”