Destiny 2 is finally out in the wild and gamers around the world are jumping into the sequel to Bungie’s shared-world shooter. If you’re a veteran Guardian, Destiny 2 will be a familiar return, but for the new players, stepping into Destiny 2 means meeting certain types of player that you wouldn’t normally meet in a shooter. 

We break down the type of players that you’ll encounter when you begin exploring the world of Destiny and its inhabitants.

The Hoarder

While on the surface, Destiny 2 may look like a shooter, but underneath that exterior lies a very addictive loot mechanism that has caught some Guardians under its hook.

More often than not, when teaming with other players, you’ll meet that one person who will always seem to have no space left in their vault or are too busy trying to get all the gear and weapons that Destiny has to offer.

Hopefully, with a bigger vault space, the Hoarder will have enough space to keep all of their precious gears and equipment.

The PvP Elites

After all the single player content was played on Destiny 1, the PVP scene was what kept the game alive throughout the content drought with the help of PvP Elites.

These PvP Elites are the types that you’ll encounter when you join the Crucible, nailing crazy headshots, one after another, and getting high KDRs.

Aside from their uncanny ability to land perfect shots, the PvP Elites are obsessed with min-maxing their character to fit the different PvP modes in Destiny. If you’re looking to up your game in PvP, teaming up with a PvP Elite is a must!

The Raid Generals

Raids are one of Destiny’s biggest and best endgame content, but it requires you to team up with five other people that you know and can communicate with. More often than one, one of them will be the Raid General, the person who knows all the ins-and-out of the raid and will lead the team throughout it.

Time and performance are key for Raid Generals as they want to have their Fireteam to be in top condition when taking down the game’s hardest content and trying to achieve the fastest completion or a perfect run on a raid.

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The Sherpas

If the Raid Generals are the tough leaders that want result, then the Sherpas are the exact opposite of that. The Sherpas are the experienced Guardians who will kindly lead new players throughout the PvE content of Destiny and makes sure you’re having fun doing it.

These players are often kind and patient enough to teach you the raids or help out in strikes as they believe in helping other players to enjoy everything that Destiny has to offer. If you got yourself a Sherpa, then you’re in good hands in Destiny 2.

The Lone Wolfers

And last but not least, the other type of players you’ll meet in Destiny 2 is the Lone Wolfers. These are players that are not attached to any clan, any group, or any teams and play through the PvE content by themselves as much as they can, without the help of others.

Bungie acknowledges the players that are Lone Wolfers and have now created more content that allows you to play by yourself and still have a good time. So expect there to be plenty more Lone Wolfers this time around in Destiny 2.

As you play more of Destiny 2, you’ll get a chance to meet all of the types of players above, and maybe more. But one thing’s for sure, you’ll definitely have fun doing it. So, are you ready to jump into Destiny 2? Will you be playing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or waiting for PC version? Let us know in the comments below!