Open world games are an awesome way to immerse yourself in a whole new world and for 2017 and beyond, there are plenty of open world games that are coming for gamers. We’ve listed down some of the bigger open world games that players can look forward to and lose themselves in.

Anthem (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC)

We start the list off with one of the biggest E3 announces from EA and BioWare. Anthem seems to take a page or two from the popular sci-fi series Destiny in that it is an online-only game that encourages teamwork with friends via multiplayer.

Given the developer’s pedigree in creating amazing worlds, Anthem is set to be another successful franchise for EA and the developer. Here’s hoping we’ll get more news about the game next year.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / PC)

The sequel to Monolith’s epic open world based on the Tolkien books will launch on October 10th and it looks to be every bit bigger than its predecessor. Middle Earth: Shadow of War brings you back into the shoes (boots?) of Talion and Celebrimbor as they take on the Dark Lord and his army of Orcs.

With an expanded nemesis system, a huge roster of Orcs to recruit, and bigger worlds to explore, Shadow of War will be quite the adventure for fans of the series.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One)

When Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2, all it took was a simple teaser to set the internet into a frenzy. Since then, we’ve gotten a trailer that shows off how big the game will be with the power of current-gen consoles.

Despite being delayed to 2018, fans remain eager to return to Rockstar’s digital playground of the wild west. Plus, if it gets the same multiplayer treatment as GTA Online, it will definitely be a must buy for gamers!

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PlayStation 4)

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be making his current-gen debut with Marvel’s Spider-Man under the talented hands of Insomniac. The game takes place during Spider-Man at his prime and the E3 2017 gameplay trailer showed off all sorts of new tricks and gadgetry that Peter Parker has up his sleeve.

Since it’s an open world game, fans will finally be able to swing their way across New York as the webhead as they take on iconic villains and helping out the people of New York.

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Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

After the critical and commercial success of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo looks to continue their foray into the open world genre with Super Mario Odyssey. The plucky plumber will jump and explore bigger worlds when the game releases on October 27th for the Nintendo Switch.

The game still retains its different-worlds-to-visit mechanic with the hat-shaped ship known as the “Odyssey”. This time, however, each world will be a bigger and open-ended area to explore compared to recent Mario releases. If you managed to secure yourself a Nintendo Switch, then you’ll definitely need to add Super Mario Odyssey into your collection.

Bigger and immersive worlds are what gamers hope for when they play an open world game and based on the games that are coming, it looks we’ll be able to explore some pretty awesome worlds! Are there any open world games that you’re excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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