If you have been to Punjab, chances are very less that you have not loved it for one reason or the other.

Punjab holds a special place in the hearts of almost all the Indians. The people out there are the most fun-loving and probably the most amazing people you would come across ever in your life.

What makes the place all the way unique is a long list of some unique traits almost all the Punjabis possess. Here is a list of the top 5 fun things about the awesome people of Punjab that we could think of:

Top 5 fun things about Punjabis

  • “Jatt”

punjabi jatt funny

No, it’s not so cliché, it is Oh so Punjabi! Because you see, Jatt is not a Jaath (caste); Jatt is an “attitude” (pun intended). Now if you see any Punjabi or wannabee Punjabi calling himself Jatt, you know where that is coming from. And let’s not forget all the songs that drive the Jatt force into existence? You should know this better that “Jatt da blood oh hi hai”.

  • “Lassi”

lassi punjab

All things apart and this is their portion of eternal elixir. Their energizer for the day or one for a sweet sleep. So what’s up with Lassi? You could be in any part of the world all you need is a tall glass, sweetened curd, and water, give it a good-good twirl and there you go. That’s how Punjabi’s roll.

  • “Punjabi music”

punjab music funny

Let’s not forget this out of any list, coming its way in a thud as a storm in Bollywood, big time it’s the Punjabi music that gets you grooving. You are sure to find a Punjabi going bonkers over the music, give it a try, you yourself will find it well for yourself. All smiles and cheered up.

  • “Ray-Ban”

rayban punjab funny

A Punjabi is not really a Punjabi if he doesn’t have a Ray-Ban. All studs alike, this trend has never gone out of fashion and trust me for all good reason this is sure to stay. And no one is complaining, peculiar about how they look; carrying forward would be an i-phone. There it is: that’s how you spot a Punjabi.

  • “Bullet”

Bullet Punjab style

It’s not just a Royal Enfield or Bullet, the way you’d know it in Punjab it’s a “Bult” The “dug-dug-dug” in the highest possible pitch ever screams the Punjabi fever going all high, paving the way is a Punjabi Jatt in his heavy duty ride.

Before finishing the list, I would love to welcome Rinny Rebecca to the Stuff Listings family. Unlike all the tech stuff going around in here, she is a complete non-techy, fun-loving writer. We hope that you bring loads of colors to this nerd society.