Google has recently added badges to its image search results. From now on, if you search for anything in the Google Images, you might see this welcome addition.

The badges are present across all the platforms and no matter whether you are using the image search on a smartphone or a native browser, you would see the badges in action on the lower left side of the images.

The feature, however, is still to be widespread and you would see the badges appearing in some of the results as of now. The majority of searches like a recipe, product, video, or a GIF image is pretty much already covered under the new feature.

Google image search: badges feature

The basic intent behind the new badges is to provide the viewers with the most relevant information possible about the image to be searched. Google has always given a fair share of preference to Rich Snippets or the Rich Cards, in Google’s vocabulary, in the regular search results. It’s time the images get to see the taste of badges as well.

Google adding badges to image search

This will clearly help a person choose the most relevant search for the results as there won’t be any misleading information whatsoever.

I won’t be going much into the details of the relevance of the badges from a viewer’s perspective. Android Authority has already covered it pretty well. You might want to check out the article to know more.

Google image search badges for SEO

Coming to the thing which matters to the webmasters. Are the badges going to affect your SEO? The straight (and sad for some) answer is: Yes! They are.

I covered the importance of Rich Snippets or Rich Cards in an article wherein I mentioned the crucial role Rich Cards play as far as SEO is concerned. The image search badges are going to be no different in any regard and if you pay attention towards your image SEO, it’s high time that you implement the necessary special markups in your posts. If you do not know how to do that, it’s better that you have a look at the article to learn about it.

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What are your thoughts about the new feature Google has introduced in the image search? Do you consider it an amazing opportunity to improve your website rankings or do you take it as yet another obstacle towards SEO? Whichever side you are on, one thing’s for sure, this new feature is going to affect every website’s image SEO. It’s better to do something about it.