Flipkart has recently started teasing a new smartphone under the #GoBeyond. The new smartphone is essentially going to focus a lot on providing the users with an amazing battery and loads of customizations.

But, there’s this question arising in the minds of people as to which smartphone this actually is going to be.

There have been a lot of speculations going around about the company behind this device and its specifications.

Which smartphone is being teased as the “New Kid on the Block” on Flipkart?

Update: Apparently, the #Gobeyond smartphones are going to be a series of Infinix smartphones which are designed in France.

As it turns out, the device which Flipkart is teasing is going to be a Samsung smartphone which might be making its way to the Indian markets pretty soon. It is not sure as of now, but the mere mention of Samsung in the source code of the banner page pretty much clears this doubt.

which is the mystery smartphone shown on Flipkart?

#GoBeyond the regular fast charge

The device will focus a lot on a gigantic battery which would support fast charging as well.

latest mystery smartphone on Flipkart#GoBeyond large screens

Other than the fact that the smartphone will have a spectacular battery life, Flipkart is also hinting that the device will feature a considerably large screen with curved edges. If the smartphone manages to somehow get a curved screen at a reasonable price, it is, without any doubts, going to be a head-turner in India.

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Flipkart #gobeyond smartphone

#GoBeyond Mundane Colours

Truth be told, this statement itself is quite mundane as almost all the smartphones in the market in the current times have a long list of color variants. Smartphones like Vivo V5s are being relaunched in new color variants as a matter of fact. Still, since the banner has mentioned this fact, we can just hope that they come up with something more than just launching the smartphone in different color variants.

It won’t hurt if the back of the device is replaceable and they provide free back covers in different colors with the box (just like old days).

Flipkart go beyond smartphone

As of now, there is no concrete news about the specifications of the smartphone. However, by looking at the images on the banner, we can see the curved sides, a single primary camera with an LED flash, the volume buttons, and the power rocker. Not much of specifications eh? We might have to wait a while for that.

What are your thoughts about this new kid on the block? Will it turn out to be an altogether new smartphone or will it just be something already launched in the other parts of the world? Do let us know in the comments section down below.

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