What is SEO? How do I maintain SEO for my website? Do Keywords matter for SEO?

These are some pretty basic questions which almost every website owner has while they are working too hard on curating content for their respective websites.

SEO is a world in itself and I have always been a big fan of writing about it. If you want to read my articles about SEO and get help from them, you can follow the list of the articles I am providing below.

There are, however, times when someone does not have time enough to go through long articles to learn SEO. In case you are either too reluctant to go through the articles or you are just an infographic loving person, I just have the best stuff in store for you.

While fiddling around, I just happened to have a look at an infographic made by indeed.co which has touched almost all the aspects of SEO. Once you go through the infographic, almost all your doubts related to how search engines work will, more or less, get sorted out.

A big thumbs up for the creators of the infographic as they have made everything look so easy for everyone. I won’t be talking much about any SEO tips in this article as the infographic might itself be explaining everything.

So, without wasting more time, let’s have a look at the infographic.

The list of 16 SEO FAQs we still struggle to understand

The best SEO tips

Infographic Credits: SEOjury.co.uk

Final words:

I believe that you must have loved the infographic the same way I did. In case you liked it, it would be amazing if you could give the makers of the infographic the appreciation they deserve.

Update: While creating this article, I happened to have a conversation with the main Editor at SEOreseller and got to know yet another amazing infographic which you can make use of. I do not want to cramp up this article with long infographics, therefore I am providing you with the link to it. You might want to check that as well.

Do let us know what you think about the infographic in the comments section as well.