Comments on any post or article on a website are of prime importance for two basic and obvious reasons. It is not only crucial for SEO, it also gives the content curator a sense of satisfaction.

It, therefore, becomes quite important to have the best possible comments section for your website.

In an earlier article, I talked about a list of comment plugins which you can install on your website. If you want to check out that list, you can do so by following the button below.

If you, however, are not satisfied with any of these plugins and want the world’s most popular platform for messaging (Yeah, I’m talking about Facebook) to be a native commenting platform for your website, this plugin is the best choice for you.

Facebook Messenger for WordPress

The number one selling Facebook Messenger Plugin, the Facebook Messenger for WordPress websites. The best thing about this plugin is the fact that it does not require any technical expertise whatsoever and just requires around 2 minutes to be installed properly on any website.

The plugin works with your usual comment plugins and you do not need to remove them if you make of the Facebook Messenger for WordPress.

Facebook Messenger for WordPress: Features

Facebook Messenger for WordPress Features

The infographic above pretty much tells all the amazing features of this plugin. On top of all this, should you feel like displaying the message bubble anywhere in between your posts or pages, you can make use of this shortcode mentioned below.

 [Messenger url=”” hide_cover=”false” lagre_header=”false” button=”Send me a message”] 

If I start making a list of websites which already make use of this amazing plugin, it would require a lot of page space as the number is no less than 10,000, making it quite clear as to how good this WordPress plugin is.

You should definitely try out Facebook Messenger for WordPress for your website. In case you do, let us know whether you liked it or not.

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