Marvel Comics fan? You should definitely not be missing out on these amazing Marvel comics released in the month of July.

In case you want to download them, you can get them for free in PDF and CBR format from getcomics.

So, without waiting any further, let’s dig down the list of the top 5 Marvel Comics for July.

Top 5 Marvel Comics #July

Download Amazing Spider-Man #30 for free

Amazing Spider-Man #30

Otto Octavius returns to Spidey’s life to make it more miserable. The only difference this time is, this time, he’s THE SUPERIOR OCTOPUS!

Download Deadpool #33 Marvel Comics for freeDeadpool #33

The Deadpool storyline takes a strange turn as Deadpool has accidentally sided with Hydra. What would the consequences be? Not good for our superhero at least.

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Download Guardians of the Galaxy #20 Marvel Comics for freeGuardians of the Galaxy #20

Spider-Man has to rescue and protect his dearest from Doctor Octopus and his new Sinister Six in this thrilling storyline. Guardians of the Galaxy #20 is definitely one of the must-read Marvel Comics of the month.

Download Old Man Logan #26 for free in PDFOld Man Logan #26

Logan takes on the Hulk Gang in this episode of the Old Man Logan comics series. This comic book will unleash a lot of revelations on the Logan’s fans as a bunch of mysteries will be solved and some new ones will pop up.

Download Uncanny Avengers #25 Marvel Comics for freeUncanny Avengers #25

In order to protect Manhatten, the Avengers must have to face the darkness – the darkness the world is in and the darkness they are possessing within.

Uncanny Avengers #25 is one of the best Marvel Comics for this fall. You should definitely not be missing out on this one.

These were our pickings for the top 5 Marvel Comics for the month of July. Which are your favorites? Do let us know in the comments section below.