Chrome Flags are experimental features present in the Google Chrome which, by default, is disabled for the end user. They are majorly in an experimental stage due to which they are not rolled out as a feature for everyone.

This, however, does not mean that you can not check them out. There are a lot of cool Chrome Flags which can make your Google Chrome all the way more amazing.

We have already made a list of the 5 best Chrome Flags in a separate article. But we came across some more which we thought are worth sharing with you, the reason we are curating the #2 of the Chrome Flags list.

If you want to check out the earlier list as well, you can either search it from the top or head to the Top 5 Flags #1. To know all about them, you can check out an article by Adobe.

In order to be able to tweak the various Chrome Flags, you have to enter  chrome://flags  in a browser tab and hit enter.

How to access Chrome Flags

Let’s dig down the list of the 5 best Productivity Chrome Flags

Overlay Scrollbars

By enabling this Chrome Flag, you can give your vertical scrollbar a nice overlay which blends in with the background of the web page and becomes far less intrusive. To enable this option, you have to type overlay scrollbars in the search bar, tap the drop down menu, and change it to enabled.

how to use chrome flags

Affiliation based matching in password manager

Have you ever wanted to be able to use the login credentials used in an Android app in their corresponding websites without having to fill them separately?

Using Affiliation based matching, you give the login credentials of the Android app a permission to be filled with their native websites password authorization pages without having to go through the hassle of doing it all again.

chrome command line flags

Show settings in a window

By default, the Chrome settings appear in a separate tab whenever you want to access them. If, however, you want to get them open in a new window, you can do so by enabling this Chrome Flag.

chrome new tab settings

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Enable Clear browsing data counters

This Chrome Flag can come in handy if you want to know the individual data volume counters when you are clearing the browsing data from your Chrome.

clear all browsing data

Fill passwords on account selection

If you do not want Google Chrome to automatically fill the credentials of a web form whenever you load the page, you can enable this Chrome Flag. After enabling this, the password will be explicitly filled corresponding to the account you select.

Fill passwords on account selection

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