If you use Mozilla Firefox for browsing the internet, you might be familiar with the about:config settings which are, by default, hidden at the user end.

The reason as to why the about:config tweaks are hidden is because these are highly experimental settings just like the Chrome Flags present in Google Chrome and changing them might harm your browser pretty bad. That, however, should not stop us from changing the safe ones to make our Firefox even better right?

Before starting out with the list of the best about:config settings, let’s know what they actually are.

about:config is a feature of Mozilla applications which lists application settings (known as preferences) that are read from the profile files prefs.js and user.js, and from application defaults. Many of these preferences are not present in the Options or Preferences dialog.

How to access about:config in Mozilla Firefox?

To access the about:config settings, you have to type “about:config” in the browser window of Firefox and hit enter.

After that, you would be greeted with a warning message which you can proudly ignore and hit “I accept the risk”

how to use about:config

Once you are in, you would see a plethora of tweaks to fiddle with. There would be a search bar (not the usual one) on the top of the about:config settings which you can make use of to search the tweaks you want to work upon.

about: config menu

Now, the initial process is over and you can either try the various tweaks on your own or check out the list of the best about:config tweaks I am going to mention.

The best about:config settings

1.How to Bring Back “Save Tabs and Quit” Feature in Mozilla Firefox?

If you are an old Firefox user, you might be aware of how the browser used to send out a notification whenever you were to close it with more than one tab open. Firefox used to ask the user whether they wanted to save the tabs before closing the browser so that the tabs could be used again in the future.

This was a pretty neat feature and it used to save a lot of my time as I did not have to open them all again manually.

There is still a warning notification in Firefox whenever you tend to close it, but it is somewhat different and it does not let you save the tabs.

How to Bring Back “Save Tabs and Quit” Feature in Mozilla Firefox?Using this about:config setting option, you can bring back the old “save and close” feature pretty easily.

Type in browser.showQuitWarning in the search box and double click the setting that pops up. The status of the setting should change from default to user set.

How to Bring Back “Save Tabs and Quit” Feature in Mozilla Firefox? How to Bring Back “Save Tabs and Quit” Feature in Mozilla Firefox?Once it is changed, try to close the browser (have at least two tabs open) and you would see the old menu coming up.

How to Bring Back “Save Tabs and Quit” Feature in Mozilla Firefox?

2. How to prevent Firefox from closing when I close the last tab?

This is a common thing which almost each browser is following during current times. You might have noticed that your browser closes when there is only a single tab left and you close it as well. This means that to keep the browser running, you either have to keep a tab open to a random page, or you have to open the browser again when you need it. Both the situations won’t be called ideal by any means. Using this about:config tweak, you can prevent your Firefox browser from closing even when the last tab is closed.

To enable this feature, type browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab in the settings menu and toggle it to user set. Once you set it, try closing all the tabs. You will notice that the browser won’t close. It would, instead, redirect you to the bookmarks page.

Mozilla hacks and tricks

This is a very useful feature which surprisingly has gone unnoticed by the developers. Thankfully, this tweak can fix this problem.

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3. How to change the “Single Click Select All” Feature in Firefox address bar?

This is something which all of you come across almost every day. Have you ever noticed that when you click the address bar, it simply highlights the whole URL? If you haven’t, try doing it now. While it is a handy feature when you want to delete the entire URL, it sometimes makes our work even harder if we want to just edit the URL. That requires further clicks and, hence, further time. That being said, I would still not consider this to be a problem as some users might actually like this thing.

I, therefore, would try to cover both the scenarios. If you want to keep things the current way, good for you. If, however, you want to change this feature, you have to type browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll in the search bar and set it to user set.

about:config hacks about:config hacks

4. How to enable Inline Spell Checker in Firefox?

You might have noticed that the default spell checker in Firefox does not work in forms, text boxes, text editors etc. To enable that, you need to manually right click in the box to turn on the enable check this field option.

To enable it as a native option, you have to type layout.spellcheckDefault and change its default value to 2.

These were some of the about:config tweaks which you can make use of to enhance your browsing experience.