Comments on any web page play a crucial role in its SEO. If you take care of your SEO, you must already be aware of this fact.

Not only are comments a pleasing sight for the website owner who has worked so hard to curate content for the viewers, it is also a positively strong indicator for the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo as to how popular the website or the particular post is.

How much of importance comments play in SEO is beyond the scope of this article. Harsh Agrawal from Shoutmeloud has made a very informative article about the same. In case you want to know everything in detail about this topic, you can follow his article.

Now that the importance of comments has been established, the next thing worth considering is the platform you are to present to your viewers for commenting.

The native WordPress (or Blogger) comments platform, more or less, gets the job done. However, it is not that catchy or inspiring for some. If you want to add more features to your comments section to increase your viewers’ engagement, you might want to try out the plugins I am going to mention in the list here. All these comment plugins are absolutely free of cost. There are, however, paid versions available as well. Whether you opt to buy them or not, I leave the choice up to you.

The list of the top 5 comment plugins for WordPress

Disqus comments review

Disqus Comment System


Disqus comments adsense alternative

Disqus is probably one of the best comment plugins for WordPress. You can even use it on a BlogSpot powered website. It is the world’s most popular commenting system and it provides a lot of features other than the ability to, well, comment.

As I mentioned in an earlier article, internal linking is a very important aspect of SEO. Even if you take proper care of your internal links, won’t it be awesome that your comment plugin adds some more internal links to your posts?

Disqus intelligently adds the most commented posts from the website and presents the viewers with their lists just below the comments section.

This results in an overall better site structure in addition to a much-reduced bounce rate. In a way, Disqus reduces bounce rate.

On top of all this, Disqus allows for monetization options as well. The Disqus reveal platform integrates ads onto your website. I won’t be talking into detail about the payout rates of the ads Disqus serves (maybe in another article if someone asks), but if you have not got an Adsense approval, Disqus ads can be an Adsense alternative as they are the most beautiful looking ads which require no approval at all.

GraphComment - comment plugin for WordPress

GraphComment – comment plugin for WordPress


GraphComment is a relatively new comment plugin but it has features interesting and useful enough to make it one of the best possible commenting platforms in terms of user engagement and SEO as well.

GraphComment - comment plugin for WordPress

It has an amazing design which is totally responsive and SEO friendly as it follows a structured data layout.

The best thing I liked about GraphContent which makes it stand out from the rest of the comment plugins for WordPress is the unique Vote Slider feature which allows the viewers to vote any comment on a scale ranging from Brilliant to Rules Violation. This results in an incredibly increased participation from viewers.

[metaslider id=3323]

Though the plugin is very new and you won’t see a significant number of downloads for it either, but it is a great looking comment plugin. I am currently testing it on Stuff Listings and it has been running without any technical hiccups so far. Nice work admins.

wpDiscuz - best comment plugin for WordPresswpDiscuz – comment plugin for WordPress


wpDiscuz is an AJAX real-time comment system with a number of amazing features. It is a relatively new comment plugin and the developers of wpDiscuz are not shy of mentioning other plugins in the description.

This is the best Disqus alternative. If you want to keep your comments in your database. wpDiscuz is also the best alternative to Livefyre, Jetpack and Facebook comments

The only reason I am mentioning this in the list of the comment plugins for WordPress is the simplicity and customizations it offers.

On one hand, you can change the color scheme of the entire comment section which includes separate colors for individual comments and replies, and on the other hand, you get to streamline the entire comments into a structured layout just like the usual Facebook comments.

wpDiscuz - best comment plugin for WordPressNested comments and a blazing fast speed – SEO. wpDiscuz is a great choice of a WordPress Plugin and, indeed there were issues with this plugin when I tested it (the plugin would stop working and the Native WordPress comment plugin would show up instead, at times) but that might be a bug which is fixed in the latest update.

WP Advanced Comment free downloadWP Advanced Comment


WP Advanced Comment - best comment plugins for WordPress

WP Advanced Comment is by far the easiest comment plugin which I have come across. If you do not want to waste much time setting up the plugin for your WP website, the WP Advanced Comment is the plugin for you.

You can easily create forms by simple drag and drop gestures. You can create an unlimited set of custom fields for your comment forms in the WP AC comment plugin.

Though the WP Advanced Comment plugin is not as versatile and diverse as compared to the other plugins mentioned in this list, it surely gets the job done. If you want a neat looking comments section in your posts, WP AC is the plugin for you.

Replyable - 2 way wordpress comments systemReplyable – 2-way WordPress comment plugin


Replyable (Former Postmatic) is a unique comment plugin in the sense that it intelligently converts your viewers into email subscribers which is something missing in the rest of the comment plugins for WordPress. It is almost needless to say how much of an amazing work it can do for you if you just consider the scope of getting a bunch of email subscribers, let alone the other useful features.

I would quote some of the stuff Replyable’s developers have written which might give you an idea as to how it works:

Replyable - best comment plugins for wordpress

Replyable is smart: Not all comments are created equal. Some are thoughtful, relevant, and worth sharing. Others are just a waste of time. Replyable lets your users subscribe to comments without fear – machine learning rates comments for relevance and only sends the best to subscribers.

Replyable is aware: Nobody will get too much email. As conversations get busy comments will be combined into a daily digest. Subscribe to comments is finally safe again. Or, let your users subscribe to only direct replies to their comments.

Replyable listens: Reply to any email sent from Replyable to post your response as a follow up comment. No forms, no websites. It works online or offline, from anywhere. And to make comment moderation easier, authors can moderate comments with simple email commands.

Replyable plays wells with others: Replyable is compatible with all other WordPress comment plugins including Epoch, wpDiscuz, Inline Comments, Commentluv, and your current antispam and moderation workflows.

The days of one-way notifications are over. It’s time to let them hit reply.

This was the list of the top 5 comment plugins for WordPress which, I believe, are the best in the market. You will definitely love installing any of these. That being said, if you happened to like the article, do comment here as well. After all, everyone loves some appreciation.