The latest Instagram update brings in an amazing way you can interact with your friends’ stories.

With the latest update, you can now reply to Stories with photos and videos of your own. You just have to tap the new camera icon present at the bottom.

The update has come just after Snapchat rolled out its latest update two days back which brought a series of new features that pretty much separates Snapchat from the cloning wannabe apps present in the Play Store (Be different Instagram, please)

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What’s new in the latest Instagram update for Android?latest Instagram update

After updating the app, you will see a camera icon located in the left corner of the screen whenever you are seeing someone’s Story. If you want to send a photo or a video to your friend, you have to tap the camera icon and it would take you to your camera screen with a view of the Story you are replying to in a thumbnail. From there, you can take a new photo, shot a new video, create a Boomerang, apply filters and emojis, write texts on the image you are sending, and send it as a reply. You can even resize the media you are sending according to your own liking.

When will the latest update of the Instagram App arrive?

latest Instagram update for Android

The update has already begun rolling out globally. You might want to check the Play Store right now as it might already have arrived. However, if it has not arrived yet, you may have to wait a bit longer as it would take around 14 days to reach all the countries and regions.

Do let us know whether you liked the latest Instagram update or not.