Logitech Type+ is an amazing keyboard which takes the productivity of the Apple iPad to a whole new level.

Logitech has always been known to bring out the best keyboards for tablet devices. When it comes to Apple tablets, it gets all the way more special as the keyboards are way more affordable and even more productive and versatile.

If you are looking for a good iPad keyboard case for your iPad, Logitech Type+ might be the perfect choice for you as it offers a solid build and some pretty unique features.

Logitech Type+ iPad Keyboard caseIt definitely adds up to the usability of the iPad devices. I have always been firm on my belief that Windows is still the best OS as far as making documents and curating content is concerned. For a blogger like me, a traditional Windows ecosystem is like a Typewriter for a Novel writer. I mean, it feels natural to type on a Laptop keyboard. Tapping on a touchscreen can never be the same – one feat the smartphones and tablets might never be able to achieve. This is where these external keyboards come into play. I have already talked about some other useful keyboards from Logitech. You can have a look at them from the links I have shared below.

Coming back to the Type+, it is essentially an iPad Air 2 Keyboard (you can use it as an iPad Air Keyboard as well, but, who uses an iPad Air in 2017 right?) which is designed especially for people who tend to write a lot on their iPad devices. As their official website states, the Keyboard is

Designed for typing and tapping

Logitech Type+ Keyboard Specifications

Since it operates on Bluetooth, there are always doubts arising in our minds while opting to buy for such devices. Battery life is probably one of the best things in this Keyboard. If their own words are to be stated – Get up to 3 months of battery life on a single charge*

Logitech Type+ ipad air 2 keyboard

It’s still not been 3 months for me, so how much of a truth this statement holds can not be said with an authority, but the battery has lasted me for around 2 months or so which is pretty amazing in itself. This is coming from a person whose sole work is to type the whole day. You can safely expect it to last 3 months on a single charge. It makes use of a smart sense technology which automatically turns off the Keyboard and the iPad as well when they are not in use.

Two cases in one

It’s a keyboard case when you need to type and not when you don’t

The keys only get activated when you have set the Type+ on typing mode. As soon as you lay it flat, it would automatically turn off the Keyboard to ensure a hassle-free reading experience.

It is extremely lightweight as well, making it a perfect fit for those who want to type on the go. I always carry one in my bag whenever I am traveling and have to cover articles when I don’t have my laptop with me.

There are a lot of options available in the market, but if you want a solid iPad Keyboard case at a decent price, the Logitech Type+ might be the perfect choice for you.

In case you want to purchase it, you can get it from the official website.