Snapchat has got a new update which is rolling out across Android and iOS devices. The latest Snapchat update will let you do so many new cool features. After installing the update on your device, you can now:

  • Embed hyperlinks
  • Change your voice (Probably the best feature which has rolled out in this update)
  • Add creative backdrops

These changes are clearly an attempt from Snap Inc. to differentiate the app from others shamelessly “cloning” it.

Latest Snapchat update: what’s new?

There are three new features added to the app – Backdrops, Paperclips, and Voice Filters.


Latest Snapchat update - Backdrops

Backdrops is almost similar to the AR effect filters which already exist in Snapchat, but this time, instead of using the camera to detect your face, you can crop and cut out the object you want to appear in the foreground. All you have to do is to tap the scissors icon, hover it around the object in focus, and simply use the backdrop.

All you have to do is to tap the scissors icon, hover it around the object in focus, and simply use the backdrop.

This is probably one of the better features which might set the app apart from the rest of the competition.

Voice Filters

Voice Filters are, simply put, Voice Filters. Using these, you can apply effects to your voice just by tapping the speaker icon. While there was an option to apply filters to your voice in the previous versions of the app as well, but they were a part of the visual filters of the app. This time they are more of a voice-only feature.


Latest Snapchat update - Paperclips
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Paperclips gives the Snapchat users an ability to embed external links within their Snaps.

This feature used to be fairly limited earlier. Only Discover contents and advertisements were allowed to include links. Now, users can send links to news, events, shopping stuff etc by tapping the Paperclips icon from the home screen.

If you happen to receive a Snap containing an external link, you can access it by swiping up.

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