Having the ability to track locations was one of the keystones for the overwhelming success smartphones got during their initial times.

After being able to navigate via our smartphones, the next factor to consider was which smartphone app or software does it better.

Google MapsGoogle Maps came out to be the ultimate winners in the map apps section. The app has always been on the top of the lists when it comes to smartphone navigation apps.

The fact that the Western Railway Authorities in Mumbai, India have chosen Google Maps for a new initiative involving real-time tracking of the local trains should, therefore, come as no surprise to anyone.

Google Maps for mumbai local trains

Google Maps for Mumbai Local Trains

Google Maps Mumbai city According to a report by Hindustan Times, the commuters traveling in the local trains in Mumbai will soon be able to track live status and position of the trains on Google Maps.

The Western Railway authorities have already initiated plans to approach Google to ensure a possible linking of the local trains with the maps. Apparently, this idea has come up after a series of suggestions from the local residents of Mumbai. Once the deal is finalized with Google, the next step in the process will be to install GPS systems in the motormen’s cabins in the trains.

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Disha app for information on Trains

The Western Railways have already launched a smartphone app called Disha which provides information on trains, platforms, and stations. The problem with Disha, however, is the lack of a real-time data due to the fact that it is an offline app.

“The problem with Disha mobile application is that it is an offline mobile application and the current position of the trains cannot be determined by it. This is why we have decided to approach Google.” said a Western Railway Official.

If this plan of integrating Google Maps works out, it can be a real boon for the travelers of the local train, as the number of people traveling is somewhat overwhelming.