Asking someone when their own birthday is might seem a bit rude and inappropriate. Fortunately or unfortunately for Google, nobody can help it.

Life without Google can not be imagined. We might not have given this reality a thought, but it’s true. I, as a website owner, work too hard to achieve only one feat – get high rankings in Google. You, as a viewer, rely on Google for all your queries. If you think deeply, Google has integrated so deep in our lives, we just can not live without it.

Most of us have been fortunate enough to see this search giant take birth and grow to be the massive success it today is. It has become an integral part of our internet family so to say.

Whenever we have any doubts whatsoever, we just resort to Google for it. We know that we have to “Google them out”, but when did it all begin? What was the day Google was born? When is Google’s birthday? Ever thought about that? You do not have to search Google for the answer, you can find it here.

When is Google's birthday?

When is Google’s birthday?

Google does its birthday celebration every year with the aid of a Google Doodle. Officially, Google celebrates its birthday on September the 27th of 1998.

The company, founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998, follows this date as its official birthday.

Google, as a domain, was registered on September 15, 1997, and the company officiated on September the 4th of the following year. This, therefore, makes 4th of September as Google’s official birthday. Google, however, celebrates its birthday on 27th of September as the Google birthday doodle was first used to highlight its birthday back in 2002.

A fun fact to know is that Google itself is pretty confused about when actually its birthday is. Google has celebrated its birthday on numerous dates:

  • September 27 since 2006
  • September 26 in 2005
  • September 7 in 2004

It, therefore, became necessary for Google to explain to the world, which it did at its 13th birthday in 2013, admitting publicly that Google has celebrated its birthdate on four different dates in history. Finally, it has settled down on September 27 (till date, nobody knows when it might change again)

So, from now on, should anyone ask you,”When is Google’s birthday?”, you should be able to tell them without having to “Google it out”.

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