The prime intent of any website should always be to provide its users an amazing experience while they are on it. Everything else is secondary. There is a lot of stuff you as a website owner need to do in order to ensure that – your viewers’ security being one of them.

On the other hand, you also have to take care of your SEO in order to ensure organic traffic as well.

Taking into account both the cases, there is one important aspect of your website state which you might have ignored till now – are you using an SSL for your website?

HTTP Vs HTTPS: Understanding the basics

Before starting off with SSL, it’s a mandate that you understand the basic difference between HTTP and HTTPS. HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a system for transmitting and receiving information all across the Internet.SSL

HTTP as an application layer protocol focuses more on how the information is presented to the end user, say from point X to point Y. It, however, won’t take into account the route the data takes from X to Y. This way, there is lesser data to be transferred which ensures greater speed. HTTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is the more secure form of data sharing as it ensures that the data between your web server and browser remains private and secure as well.

HTTPS makes use of an additional layer in the form of a Secret Secured Layer Certificate or an SSL Certificate to ensure security and privacy.

What does an SSL certificate do?

An SSL Certificate binds your information (Your Domain name, company name, and a lot of other stuff). It involves a Public Key and a Private Key. Without going too much technical about it, it basically stops anyone who could potentially try to intercept your data in between as he won’t be able to decrypt it without the key.

What does an SSL certificate do?

HTTPS provides three layers of protection, namely:

  • Encryption. Encrypting the exchanged data to keep it secure.
  • Data Integrity. Data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer without being detected.
  • Authentication. proves that your users communicate with the intended website.

So, HTTPS basically would stop anyone from hurting your users’ and your own confidentiality.

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How do I know which website is secure?

image10All the major internet browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox show a notification icon with the website URL, indicating as to whether the website is secure or not.

The problems associated with HTTP are manyfold – users might get a warning from the browser, indicating that the website is potentially harmful. This might drive away a good bunch of audience.

Benefits of HTTPS over HTTP


There are a bunch of added benefits if you use an HTTPS connection for your website.

  • Increased Rankings: Google has announced HTTPS as a ranking factor long ago
  • Safety and Privacy: It would give your viewers an added sense of security when they come to your website
  • Referrer Data: Your referrer data remains intact. If you pay regular attention to your analytics, you might already be aware of the “dark traffic sources” on the internet. Switching to HTTPS will fix that problem as well.

In terms of SEO alone, HTTPS can play a huge role. A lot of top domains saw a whopping 2x rankings jump after switching to HTTPS


How can I implement SSL for my website?

All in all, installing an SSL certificate is rather a tedious job to do, the reason why a lot of webmasters refrain from doing so.

If you want to implement an SSL certificate for your website without much hassle, you might want to try Cluster CS which I have also been using for one of my websites.

One Click SSL solution by Cluster CS – Let’s encrypt

If you do not know about Cluster CS, you might want to go to their website or head to Blogger vs WordPress to know all about it.

Cluster CS provides probably the easiest solution to install an SSL certificate to your website. How much of an ease you ask? – You can get your HTTPS up and running with the press of a button. It provides essentially a one-click SSL switch button to get things done.

As a matter of fact, Cluster CS is the only entity which provides such feature. With “One Click Let’s Encrypt“, you do not have to go through the hard labor. All the task is pretty much automated and takes just a few moments.

Installation Instructions

You have to follow the following steps:

SSL By Cluster CS

  • You would come across three buttons – Self Signed, Let’s Encrypt, Manage Certificates

SSL By Cluster CS

  • Click on Install Let’s Encrypt button
  • It would open up a new page wherein you can either start the process straight away or add more domains should you have some
Check the auto renew box if you do not want to install it every third month
  • Click “Start”
  • The process would start and within minutes, it would successfully install the SSL certificate onto your website.

This is pretty much it. Things could not be any easier than this. This is, without any doubts whatsoever, the easiest method to install an SSL certificate to a website. On top of all, the One-click Let’s Encrypt feature is absolutely free of cost, making it all the way more amazing.

So, if you have made up your mind to Up your SEO game a notch, you can make use of this amazing feature.

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