Android app ecosystem has constantly been improving and increasing its radius. There has been a massive list of new Android apps being pushed almost every day ensuring the Google Play Store stays at par with the App Store.

There are so many amazing Android apps available on the Play Store, it becomes absolutely impossible to choose the best among the best. We, however, have tried to narrow down our list to the top 5 Android apps for the month of July.

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best Android games of the monthThe list of the Top 5 Android Games of July 2017

CineTrak - Android appsCinetrak

Price: Free/$99.99

Get it from the Play Store

Cinetrak is an essential Android app if you are a movie addict. It tracks information about movies from a variety of different sources – Trakt, IMDB, Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, and presents it to you.

Additionally, Cinetrak tracks your patterns and suggests you movies according to your movie taste. This way, it can suggest you new movies based on what you have already watched.

All the features of Cinetrak are not available in the free version as it is essentially a trial version. To unlock all the features, you would have to avail the pro version.

Craftlog Recipes - Android appsCraftlog Recipes

Price: Free

Get it from the Play Store

Craftlog Recipes is one of the unique Android apps which provide you with a variety of recipes. The app provides a lot of details about each and every recipe. As a matter of fact, a lot of them include demonstrations in the form of images and even videos which would help you cook the dishes with almost no difficulty whatsoever.

The most amazing part of Craftlog Recipes is the fact that you can even add your own recipes and people can see them as well. You can make videos and take pictures of your recipes to help people cook them. The app even helps translate your dish into multiple languages.

The Craftlog Recipes is free to download and is among those Android apps which any food loving person should have in their smartphone.

Fenix 2 - Android appsFenix 2

Price: Free (App available in Beta)

Get it from the Play Store (Beta Testing Apps section)

Fenix 2 is the iteration to Fenix which was probably one of the most popular Twitter Android apps ever. The new edition of the app features a much cleaner layout and some new useful features including the ability to customize the homepage with quick access options.

Is Fenix 2 Android app free?

As of now, the Fenix 2 is free of cost as it is in beta mode. After the final launch, the app would definitely carry a price tag with it. In case you want to test things out before the final, stable version rolls out, you can download it for free right now.

Fenix 2 - Android apps

Timbre - Android appsTimbre

Price: Free

Get if from the Google Play Store

Timbre is one of those Android apps which many Android users won’t even know existed, but would love to have in their smartphones. It is basically an MP3 converter and music editor.

The Timbre app provides some basic features to edit music – you can cut audio at custom locations, join two different audio files, convert the formats, codecs, split one music file into multiple parts etc.

The app is good for basic music editing and considering the fact that Timbre would cost you not a single penny, it is an absolutely amazing find and a must-have Android app if you like to do music editing.

Timbre - Android apps

Android appsNewsfold | Feedly RSS reader

Price: Free

Get it from the Google Play Store

Newsfold is an amazing RSS and news reader which surely has the potential to make its way into the list of Android apps like Feedly and Palabre.

It is a clean and modern news reader for your Feedly and Inoreader accounts. It has some amazing stuff like navigation gesture and reading gesture support which makes your reading even more convenient.

Features of Newsfold Android App

  • Full screen reading experience
  • Painless navigation with simple gestures
  • Dark and light themes
  • Readability support
  • Articles and images caching for offline reading
  • Article thumbnails preview
  • Search and add new RSS feeds

Newsfold Android apps