Do you use Google Photos on your smartphones? If you don’t, this new update might get you interested.

Back at the Google I/O 2017, Google announced to inculcate some new features in the Google Photos app.

The features had not been rolled out so far, but finally, users can now make use of Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries for their Google photos on Android, iOS, and the Google Photos web applications across devices.

Google Photos Latest update

Suggested Sharing with Google Photos

The Suggested Sharing feature uses machine learning to identify photos automatically and suggest the end user with contacts they might want the photos to share with. You will be able to see all your sharing activity in the sharing tab of the Google Photos app which includes the photos you have shared with your contacts as well as the photos which your contacts have shared with you.Google Photos latest update

On top of that, the Suggested Sharing would provide you with personal suggestions at the top based on your sharing activities and the people who are present in the respective photos.

Additionally, one neat feature in the Suggested Sharing is the event reminder feature. If your contacts were with you at a particular event and you happen to use Google Photos, the Google Photos app will send them reminders to upload their photos to the album as well. The app would also remind you if they do upload some photos.

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Shared Libraries with Google Photos

Shared Libraries are also a new feature added to the Photos app which allows you to share your full photo libraries with other users.

You just have to tap the share your library button located on the top left of the app and enter the recipient’s email address. You can share your entire photo library or choose which photos you would want to share. You can also send someone photos from a specific date too.

Once the recipient accepts your sharing invite, they can access all the photos you have shared as if they are their own. The photos would show up in movies, collages, and other creations in their devices as well.

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